Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy, or NMT, is a specific type of therapeutic treatment. We spend 40 minutes with each patient, dedicating time to treating the whole body. In our clinic, we combine different physical therapy treatments such as heat and ultrasound. Then we dedicate 30 minutes to massage combined with heat and electrical stimulation.

When called for, we use manual techniques. Those may include myo-fascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. We look for the trigger points that are causing the headaches.

When we do deep tissue massage on people suffering from headaches, we have to be very careful so that we don’t irritate nerves and make the problem worse. We focus on the upper back, head, neck, shoulders, TMJ, front of the head, the occipital area at the bottom of the skull, the back of the head, and base of the spine.

In general, NMT helps with most kinds of headaches. Tension headaches respond well to these NMT techniques because muscle tension IS the root of the problem.  NMT is step one to treatment that will ultimately help cure your headache and help you live pain free. We generally recommend 12 sessions of NMT and then re-evaluate the person’s condition.


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