Laser Therapy For Headaches

There are four classes of lasers, which are concentrated energy. From the laser pointers that many of us are accustomed to in classrooms and professional presentations to industrial lasers that can cut diamonds, lasers are different strengths of the same technology. In medical and aesthetic settings, lasers are used for hair removal, surgery, and even laser therapy for headaches.

Lasers can go deeper than the hair follicle, to the muscles and ligaments. Once you concentrate a laser on the right place, it can help the body begin to heal itself. Lasers will create new blood vessels around the site where they are applied. That process, called angiogenesis, restores blood flow, and the restored blood flow helps the body begin to heal. Think of it as new highways to healing.

It’s important that your laser practitioner be skilled in what they’re doing. It’s not just science, it’s an art. In the right hands, laser can be incredibly beneficial, but an unskilled practitioner will not be as effective in helping your body heal.

Laser Treatment For Headaches & Healing

Remember that migraine and headache are symptoms, not a condition. If the headache is being caused by ligament damage or TMJ, we can direct the laser to those areas and that helps heal the ligaments through the restored blood flow. Laser is also anti-inflammatory, which helps with pain in general.

We recommend beginning with a series of 12 laser treatments and then re-evaluate to adjust or continue treatments as is best for the whole body.


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