We all learned about muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons in basic biology class. But what about fascia? The fascia is a naturally smooth, slippery connective tissue that surrounds muscles, organs, blood vessels, bones and nerve fibers. It provides internal structure and has nerves that make it very sensitive.

When the body experiences inflammation, inflamed areas swell because the fluid that builds up from inflammation is high in protein. The fluid that causes the swelling is pretty sticky, thanks to those proteins. As the proteins build, the body’s nerves can get “stuck” to muscle and to fascia. When the nerves adhere to those areas, they lose flexibility. Any movement can cause irritation and pain. How do we treat it?

Under ultrasound, we can find the area of adhesion. We go in with a syringe and IV saline solution and inject fluid, so the nerves are freed from the fascia and muscle. Essentially, we’re washing away the sticky proteins that are causing the nerve to adhere, restoring its flexibility and proper function.

The skill and ability to correctly operate a syringe and fluid in hydrodissection is quite rare. Be sure to thoroughly vet the reputation and experience of any practitioner who offers hydrodisscetion as a treatment.


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