Botox For Headaches

Medication, including Botox, is one item in our toolbox as we help you get to the pain-free life you deserve. We believe in using medication as needed to help control your pain while we treat the whole body to ultimately cure your headaches.

How does Botox help with headaches?

It’s important to understand that Botox, like most medications, is a mask. It doesn’t treat the underlying condition causing the headache, but it can help provide relief from the headache pain while we find and treat that underlying condition. It can help control symptoms without curing them.

Botox Treatment

Botox is a form of powerful botulinum toxin. That toxin affects the nerves, which makes it a potent treatment for dulling or preventing pain. It also reduces muscle contractions that cause some headache pain. Botox enters the nerve endings and blocks the release of chemicals that transmit pain. It isn’t an instant treatment and must be repeated every three months to be effective.

Although Botox isn’t a long-term solution or a cure for headaches, it is an effective treatment to relieve pain and make like easier while a cure is pursued.


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