The Relationship Between Allergies and Chronic Headache Pain

Many millions of people all throughout Florida and North America suffer from some form of food intolerance. Lactose intolerance, which causes difficulty digesting dairy foods, is among the most common. Allergies to nuts, shellfish and other foods are also well known.

Other allergies, like hay fever, are seasonal, and exposure to related allergens in South Florida is more difficult to avoid.

What ties many forms of allergy together is the fact that they cause inflammation and other issues in the sinuses. These sinus problems can lead directly to headaches. Bacterial infections in the sinus tracts also make headaches more likely.

The same issue exists in reverse. That is, migraines that manifest as pain in the front of the head may go undiagnosed if the symptoms are blamed on environmental irritants such as allergens. This means you are less likely to get treatment that will alleviate your discomfort.

An allergy headache test may be the best way to “clear the air”.

The Miami Headache Institute offers a specialized allergy migraines test that can uncover the relationship between potential allergens and your headaches.

By evaluating the results of your test, it may be possible to make dietary recommendations that will help you avoid migraine triggers in your meals. This can significantly reduce the occurrence of migraines by allowing you to stick to foods your body processes more easily.

Many of the foods and other substances that can aggravate migraines are not experienced as allergens by the majority of the population. For this reason, you could have a significant allergy that has gone undiagnosed so far. Speaking to migraine experts is an essential step.

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