Houston Testimonials


I suffered from migraines for over 10 years; when I started getting them 24/7 and no hope or relief from rizatriptan or other meds, I went back to Dr. Sadeghi. I did PRP therapy and it helped me but my migraines came back slowly- however meds started to work again, I have now finished two sessions and 12 neuromuscular therapies and I am able to go back to my normal daily activities. Thank you Scott and of all Dr. Sadeghi team for helping me get my life back. – A and I Perez
“…I am able to go back to my normal daily activities.”
Dr. Sadeghi always spends the time necessary with me to explain the causes of my condition and the recommended treatment. His staff is always very helpful. All of Dr. Sadeghi’s staff is very friendly and professional. I have received treatment from this office for over 20 years and the current staff is the best they’ve ever had.
– T Cook
Best Dr. I have ever had. Dr. Sadeghi is the only doctor that will always take the time to listen to my questions and come up with a solution. – L Slone
“They take their time to determine the best treatment options…”
The staff is kind, courteous, and respectful to one another and to all of their patients. The staff goes the extra step to ensure that the patient is comfortable and they are always professional and caring. They take their time to determine the best treatment options and re-evaluate the treatment plan as needed. The therapist Scott is professional, caring, and answers question about the therapy and any concerns r problems that the patient expresses. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience with all the staff. I would highly recommend the Houston Headache Institute. – D Fenwick
Wonderful and supportive staff. Dr. Sadeghi is compassionate, supportive, and always has a new solution to try when I am stuck. Dr. Sadeghi takes, as much time with me as I need, I am not just a number with an appointment to get more money. The lobby and office is so supportive to headache and migraine patients. I wish everyone could have such a great doctor and office staff that I have here. We drive 408 miles one way to see Dr. Sadeghi, and it is worth it. I highly recommend the clinic to others. – C Williams
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    I really like Dr. Sammour! Most doctors are all medicine and I don’t necessarily want medication. I want to find a cause to my headaches. Dr. Sammour is like this. Wants to find a cause and then treat it. I wish he was closer to me, but overall, I really like them.
    – H Crummett

    Fantastic! The doctors and staff went out of their way to help me. I drove 8 hours to my appointment. They had everything setup knowing that I would only be in Houston for a few days. I’ve had migraines for 18 years and now I finally know the cause and the treatment plan. I can’t speak highly enough about experience.
    – depaulbpkh

    Excellent Care Staff. Great doctors. Dr. Sadeghi and Dr. Sammour are great. They have really helped my life with my care. Less headaches, :O).
    – P. Gonzales

    Amazing doctors. They mad me feel comfortable and they took great care of me for my stem cell treatment.
    – E. Moses

    After struggling to get my migraines under control, I gave in and sought professional help. Dr. Sadeghi and his team looked at every possibility of what could be causing my migraines from neck issues to allergies and found the cause of m problems. I began treatment for migraines and I can honestly say that I have gotten better in just the few weeks I have began treatment. I still get migraines, but not as often and not as harsh as I used to. I am grateful that I have a dedicated and reliable medical office as this one. They always answer calls within a reasonable time, make sure I’m comfortable and understand all parts of my treatment, and are just an amazing well-oiled team.
    – A. Garcia

    Dr. Sammour has helped me with my migraines. Highly recommended. He is also very nice doctor who treats you like a person not just a patient. He also educated me on my treatment. I moved from the area and I now drive 45 minutes to continue treatment with him. It’s been 2 years I have been going to him.
    – J. Mouton

    Dr. Sadeghi took the time to listen. Pressed on different parts of my face, head, neck, shoulders, and back to pin point where my headache was originating. Started medicine based on his experience. I’ve had minimal headaches and some days none. Ordered test to rule out other possible problems.
    – D. Morgan

    I am always treated with compassion and respect in the nearly 3 years I have been a patient, I have no complaints. I am always kept up on the newest procedures available, but don’t feel pressured into costly, unnecessary procedures. After 20 + years, as a migraine suffer, I feel like I have finally found a place that listens to you as a patient and not just a number. I would recommend this office to any suffering from migraines and neurological conditions if you are looking for answers and not just someone to throw unnecessary medications at you. Best of luck, from a 20 + year migraine sufferer who had lost hope before coming here.
    – H. Parker

    Great Staff and doctors… LOVE THEM
    – L. Smith

    Dr. Sadeghi has literally changed my life! I’ve suffered with massive migraine and cluster headaches since I was 12! Finally, I can live life without “Dopey Max” or other debilitating drugs. Life with less pain is AMAZING!
    – V. Presley

    Thank you all sooo much for helping me get better. I feel great. Dr. Sammour, you rock.
    – S Jojic

    Great Docs, great staff. Very professional, courteous, and helpful.
    – C Henry

    Couldn’t live without you.
    – A Alvarado

    Awesome place. Dr. Sadeghi was very thorough and patient with explaining my diagnosis and treatment options. Ha stays abreast of current treatment options.
    – R Jones

    Best of care, friendly, and extremely professional. Bedside manner is “ off the chart” in a positive way. Doctor and staff listen and execute.
    – S Taylor

    The best doctors and staff. Very good care.
    – M Mozdbar

    I really like Dr. Sammour. I’ve been to several doctors regarding my headaches. He’s very compassionate and empathetic. The staff is great too.
    – C Luycx

    Very pleasant office atmosphere and staff is very helpful.
    – J Henderson

    Dr. Sadeghi is very kind; he listens to my concerns.
    – A McHenry

    Dr. Sadeghi is very good and friendly staff. Doctor is excellent and takes the time to explain EVERYTHING. Love this place.
    – Jeena

    Dr. Sadeghi is amazing!
    – S Molaie

    Great service; thanks for everything.
    – M Almos

    Great. Dr. Sammour is wonderful.
    – P Stockton

    Great physicians, Great staff. Highly recommended.
    – J Baugh


Miami Testimonials


Doctor Sadeghi is the only doctor that has really taken the time to explain and will treat the root of my headaches and problem. Never in 15 years has any, even good neurologist done what he has done. He gave me a sense of belief and cared about treating the root of my problem not just medicates me. This is my first time seeing him. Very inspiring and confident. Wish I had seen him first. – Ana Fernandez
“…cared about treating the root of my problem…”
To me it is a pleasure coming in. Doctor Escasena listens and explains very well. The girls are very accommodating.
– Raymond Cuervo
I love Miami Headache Institute. I felt very welcomed and very comfortable from the first staff that met me and best is Doctor Sadeghi who was all ears for my history and present discomfort. I am very pleased and satisfied.
– Modesta Tenay
“…I left my visit so impressed today…”
I don’t normally leave reviews but I left my visit so impressed today that I felt I had to. I’ve been suffering of sporadic headache and a friend of mine recommended me to visit Dr. Escasena at MHI. Once I stepped in trough the door the staff was extremely friendly and attentive and the waiting was less than 5 minutes. The consultation with Dr. Escasena couldn’t be better. He not only took the time to understand my symptoms, he did a thorough evaluation and explained (ABC steps) on the reason for my headache. I would highly recommend Dr. Escasena. – Omar Lopez
The front desk ladies are very quick and professional. The medical assistants are excellent and service in general is excellent. Doctor Escasena’s professionalism is awesome.
– Eduardo Serrera
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    I have been here several times. The doctors approach migraines from a different perspective than any other Dr. I have seen. I highly recommend Dr. Sadeghi! Thank you Miami Headache Institute!
    – A.G. Guerra

    I have been seeing Dr. Sadeghi for almost 8 months now. He, and his entire office is super professional and very caring. Dr. Sadeghi his very patient and really wants to understand your situation and his treatment aims for the root of the problem not just treat symptoms. Marisol his therapist is the best! I really recommend Dr. Sadeghi and his entire team. Thank you Dr. Sadeghi
    – Maritza Descrivan Martinez

    Finally; A doctor more interested in finding the reason for pain and illness rather than an expert scrip writer. So far, Dr. Sadeghi had given me a reason to hope I can have a normal life and there is no price or number of recommendations that can be placed on that.
    – Hillary Russell

    Love the service provided by the office personnel and doctors. Therapy and in office services are excellent. Great office location and facilities. Overall a 5 star service
    – Ailsa Lugo

    Dr. Sadeghi is the first neurologist who took the time to diagnose and treat the cause of my migraines. With treatment I am getting better. Highly recommend if you want more than a prescription for your headaches.
    – Megan F

    I am very thankful to Dr. Escasena and staff at Miami Headache Institute. My experience with them has been amazing. Their services are outstanding and I would recommend them to everyone.
    – Fabian Duarte

    Definitely worth the wait!! Dr. Sadeghi is so thorough and listens. He established treatment plan. When I went I had a migraine and he refused to let me leave without feeling better.
    – Elizabeth H

    Thank you Dr. Carlos Escasena for taking the time to listen and understand my problem with my constant headaches and neck pain that I have had for so many years. Your knowledge is remarkable and your dedication to patients is very special. Also to his staff for providing excellent customer service and attention to detail. Looking forward to my next appointment.
    – Lianne Garcia

    Dr. Sadeghi was thorough in the examination, and extremely knowledgeable with his thoughts and diagnosis. He made sure that all of my questions were answered. I didn’t think my headaches were curable and Dr. Sadeghi surprised me with his exceptional comprehension within his field.
    – Courtney Aslan

    I recently visited the institute and all I have to say are good things about this place. The staff is very kind and professional as well as Dr. Escasena who is very professional and knowledgeable. He explains you everything and answer all questions you may have. Good experience!
    – Eileen Perez Agosto

    Great Customer Service! Everyone was friendly and Doctor Escasena answered all my questions.
    – Blantane Montelus

    Miami Headache Institute has helped me tremendously with my migraines. I feel much better after my treatments.
    – Silvia Palenzuela

    Wonderful! Always on time, efficient and so caring Doctor Escasena.
    – Jessica Seigel


New Jersey Testimonials


I’ve tried multiple neurologists all over my area in order to find something to at least alleviate the pain and frequency of my migraines. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming. I heard about the headache institute and decided to give it a try. After a series of tests, I finally reached some relief. Not only did Dr. Solaimanzadeh narrow down on some actual causes, but she prescribed me multiple medications that worked wonders compared to the ones I’ve received in the past. I’ve gone from 3 migraines a week to 6 or less a month. I highly recommend the headache institute. – K Wagner
”I’ve gone from 3 migraines a week to 6 or less a month.“
My experience was great! If you suffer from headaches or migraines, this is the place to go! I highly recommend New Jersey Headache Institute!
– M Emmons
”…after one visit… I felt completely better.“
I suffer from sever migraines in which I have to be hospitalized and treated immediately and after one visit with Doctor Solaimanzadeh I felt completely better. She not only gave me medicine to help immediately she wasn’t dependent upon any medicine and gave me different medicines to see which one worked best for me. She also has the best and most dedicated receptionists I know. One day my migraine got the best of me and I ran out of my medicine and the receptionists stayed on the phone with me until I felt 100% again. The doctor also gives you other tests to see the underlying problem and true cause of the triggering migraines. I am migraine free currently and give all of my thanks to Doctor Solaimanzadeh. I recommend her 100% to everyone who suffers from migraines despite how severe they’re. – A Huggins