The National Headache Institute (NHI) is a world leader in pioneering groundbreaking stem cell treatment plans for the elimination of headache and migraines. With locations in two of the USA’s leading international medical hubs, Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas, the clinics offer specialized resources to treat local, out of state and international patients from Central America, South America and Europe.

“I have always been on the lookout for new and improved treatments for pain syndromes,” Dr. Sadeghi says. “I understand and I believe that most of the headache treatments that are available are inefficient and poorly planned with many, many side effects. This is why I believe in stem cell and bio-cellular therapy.  It is a totally natural treatment in which we use the patient’s own stem cells to heal each individual.“

No side effects, no long term or daily medications, and no surgical or other interventions. What could be better?

Treat the Cause: Not the Pain

FFFrThe National Headache Institute has developed a patent pending method of headache treatment that is unsurpassed in its effectiveness. Over 92% of headache patients treated with our SCHT (Stem Cell Headache Treatment) protocol achieve significant improvement, up to and including complete relief.

NHI is a world leader in pioneering these treatments for headache relief – replacing outdated methods that typically provide only amelioration of symptoms utilizing drugs or other traditional methodologies, without addressing the underlying physical and physiological problems which lead to severe headaches.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Therapy is a breakthrough in medical science that treats and prevents conditions and diseases using stem cells. This is accomplished by obtaining cells from fat or bone marrow and then concentrating those cells by centrifuging them before precisely re-injecting them. This greatly increases each patient’s own natural repair cells and promotes healing.

Stem cell therapies offer the potential to treat diseases or conditions for which few treatments exist. Sometimes called the body’s “master cells,” stem cells are the cells that develop into blood, brain, bones, and all of the body’s organs. They have the potential to repair, restore, replace, and regenerate cells, and could possibly be used to treat many medical conditions and diseases.

Stem cells are “blank slate” cells with the ability to become several kinds of different cells in the body. In theory, these cells can replace or repair damaged tissues, eliminating the need for surgery. For example, if injected into a person’s spinal cord, the stem cells differentiate into spinal cord cells.
Many physicians believe that because stem cell treatments replace damaged tissue with healthy tissue, treatments will soon be more than remedies – they will be cures. This outcome could reach many different types of patients in the next decade.

Most of the world’s leading medical schools including USC, Stanford Medicine and Harvard, Cornell, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and many more have established stem cell therapy departments, to study how the body’s own developmental and repair mechanisms can restore damaged cells, tissues and organs — redefining regenerative medicine treatments for human diseases.

NHI’s Record of Success

NHI has treated over 200 patients with SCHT(Stem Cell Headache Treatment)beginning with our first patients in early 2014 Many of our patients arrive at NHI having “tried everything”.

Over 92% of our patients treated by SCHT report full relief from headaches within 6 to 8 weeks. And almost 100% of our patients report significant relief from chronic headaches!



The Origins of NHI’s Treatment Protocols

When Dr. Payman Sadeghi opened his first Headache Institute and National Stem Cell Clinic in Houston, TX, he implemented a very definitive philosophy about how he would treat all of his patients.  Dr. Sadeghi is now the world leader and pioneer in using Stem Cell Treatments in the treatment of chronic headaches.  Unlike other headache specialists, Dr. Sadeghi does not believe that most headaches originate in the brain, but instead manifest themselves through the influence of physical disorders in the body, primarily located in the back and neck areas.  His clinical approach differs in that he first seeks to diagnose and identify these physiological abnormalities leading to a majority of chronic headache conditions.

Dr. Sadeghi’s emphasis on headache treatment began during his time as a neurological resident at the University of Texas.  He observed that most neurologists were frustrated in treating headaches, due to the lack of sustained success.  In response, Dr. Sadeghi started questioning the very basis of traditional headache treatment which treats the pain, rather than the cause.  When he began diagnosing the underlying reason for headaches, and applying corrective treatments, successful relief from headache pain increased dramatically.

In the past few years, as stem cell therapy first began to emerge as a treatment to resolve damaged tissue in Europe, and now in the United States, it has been a natural step to use regenerative medicine to repair the damaged tissue which is the true cause of most headache pain.

Now, as an internationally recognized headache specialist, Dr. Sadeghi regularly treats patients who travel to see him from all over the world.  He is known as the end-of-the-line consult among many of his colleagues and referring physicians, including other neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and pain specialists. Often his patients tell him, “My doctor sent me here and told me if there is anybody who can help me, it’s Dr. Sadeghi.”

In addition to years of specialized study and treatment, Dr. Sadeghi has completed a super fellowship in neuroimaging allowing him to become an expert at reading MRI’s.  He has also perfected the application of other visual and touch diagnostic techniques to identify and treat problem areas leading to headache pain.

Traditional vs. Stem Cell Therapy

Treating headaches through traditional methods is often like putting a band aid on a serious and infected wound.  Yet most headache treatments simply try to deal with only the superficial pain, rather than the cause.  But eliminating the pain does not eliminate the underlying problem, and often simply serves to mask the real cause of the headache.  The pattern can be endless, with headaches leading to pain-relief treatment through drugs, leading to continued damage, leading to yet more headaches and more drugs, on and on and on.  Rebound headaches are often the common result of incomplete treatment.

Rebound headaches (medication-overuse headaches) are caused by regular, long-term use of medication to treat headaches, such as migraine. Pain relievers offer relief for occasional headaches. But if you take them more than a couple of days a week, they may trigger rebound headaches.

With continued behavior that may create more physical stress and damage (such as poor sitting posture, heavy purses, stress responses, etc.), combined with long-term use of painkilling medications, the headache simply awaits a continued rebound in a cycle that is worse than in its original form.


Stem Cell Therapy for Headaches

Stem cell therapy is already well known for treating different painful conditions of various joints such as Knee, Hip, Ankle, Lower back, Mid Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, and wrist, among others. At NHI, we have adapted the science of regenerative medicine to pioneer stem cell techniques to treat several types of chronic migraines and headache.

It is fundamental to understand that stem cell treatment uses cells that are autologous, or obtained from each patient’s own body. This is done to eliminate the risk of rejection. Antibodies will attack any foreign object, because a patient’s immune system can’t tell the difference between a splinter that could be covered in germs and a sterile titanium screw used to stabilize a joint. It sees both as invaders and responds accordingly.

Our stem cell treatment process requires a 45-60 minute procedure – a mini-liposuction – performed under local anesthesia.  This is performed with special equipment to prevent damage to the stem cells and is done in a closed system to maintain sterility. About 30cc’s (2 tablespoons) of fat are extracted and then processed in our in-house facility.  They are then carefully injected into the injured tissue which has been carefully identified through the original diagnostic process.

Once properly activated and implanted, the cells recognize the injury and work together to heal it. The platelets analyze the injury and tells the stem cells how to fix it. Then the stem cells become the type of tissue that is needed to replace the injured or damaged tissue.  The result is that you get new, undamaged tissue that will feel and function just as it did before the injury: maximum function with minimum pain.

It is important to realize that behavioral changes alone are not enough to eliminate future headaches.  Quite often, the underlying physical damage is often already done and many of the affected tissues have very little ability to cure themselves.  Ligaments in particular have very little blood flow and thus have limited capacity for self-repair.  Improving behavior and reducing physical damage which contributes to headaches can ameliorate the pain, but not cure the cause.

To have a long-term effective, treatment, the damage must be repaired.  This is also one important reason why IV stem cell therapy, sometimes used to treat other physical ailments, will not work for headaches, as this relies on delivery of stem cells through natural blood flow.  The stem cells must be delivered directly to the damaged tissues, after careful diagnosis using MRI’s and physician expertise.

So how soon will patients see results?  Each patient is unique and the results vary depending on each individual’s reaction. Some patients have been able to get right back to normal after suffering from years of headache pain, others have seen improvements after a few weeks, and others have seen gradual improvements as time passes. There is no guarantee of what results will be seen or how quickly they may be observed, we can however, tell you that the vast majority of our patients have seen improvements in their headaches almost immediately.

The Patient Experience

A detailed and correct diagnosis of the underlying cause of pain is the first step towards a successful treatment outcome.

As a first step, NHI patients undergo a full physical assessment consisting of a diagnostic ultrasound, bloodwork, a range of motion measurements, and an MRI. Once fully evaluated, a personalized treatment plan is created.

NHI’s full SCHT treatment plan, from consultation to initial treatment and rest period, may take approximately two weeks.  We offer a package price which includes the following:

  • An initial visit
  • Series of specialized exams including an EEG, VNG, ANS, Echocardiogram
  • Ultrasounds
  • Headache Allergy Test
  • Two MRI’s
  • A follow up consult
  • The actual stem cell/PRP therapy

Due to the specialized nature of the diagnosis and treatment, NHI will not accept exams conducted by other clinics or physicians.

Patients should plan for a 7 to 10 day stay to comfortably allow for all diagnostic testing, consultations, treatment, follow up and recovery.  NHI will provide all necessary personal assistance and will help facilitate hotel arrangements with a number of hotels within a short travel time from the clinics.

While the treatment itself is not very painful because oral medications and local anesthetics are used, immediately after the procedure patients will experience some localized soreness and discomfort. Most patients find over the counter medications and rest sufficient to help with the pain.

Patients can return to normal activities within 48 hours, depending on the site of the treatment and the load of physical activity that is required from the patient at their jobs.  We do not recommend travel for 48 to 72 hours after treatment.

In the early weeks of regenerative healing, each patient’s natural inflammatory process will use cytokines, leukocytes, proteins and inflammation to create a “scaffold” for the cells to bind to. The cells are just starting to form and divide, so you especially want to be very cautious and avoid overloading, shearing, or compression on the area that was injected.   The goal is to give the new stem cells time to implant themselves in the healing tissues!

Patients are advised to avoid repetitive loaded exercise, like start steppers, running or weight lifting. Yoga, stretching, mat Pilates, tai chi and easy walking are perfect as they have minimal compressive loading or pounding to joints.

Cost for Stem Cell Headache Treatment

When groundbreaking medical treatments first emerge, insurance companies do not provide coverage until patient and physician demand requires them to do so.  In fact, insurance companies will typically not cover new medical breakthroughs for many years.  While most insurance companies already accept Stem Cell treatments when used by a surgeon in conjunction with surgery, they generally do not cover stem cell therapy when used without surgery.

As a result, many headache sufferers are left only with the more traditional approach which relies on pain relieving medications to alleviate symptoms, rather than treating the underlying cause.

At the National Headache Institute, the total package price for SCHT is only $9,500 which includes all necessary follow-up.  And again, over 92% of our patients end up with total relief from the headache pain. There are a variety of different financing options available, and NHI staff will help each patient find the best one for them.

Patient Pre-Qualification

While most patients do qualify for stem cell treatments, all patients will first go through a pre-screening process which confirms their compatibility for stem cell therapy.  Some patients, such as those with serious pre-existing conditions such as cancer, those with multiple surgeries to the spine, and pregnant women, will not qualify.

Why should patients consider the National Headache Institute?

Diagnosing the underlying condition or disorder that causes headaches is the key to success.  Once identified, NHI headache specialists attack and resolve the problem through the use of stem cell therapies which regenerate the damaged area, thus repairing the actual source of headache pain.

Stem cell therapy is the future of medicine. NHI doctors firmly believe that in a few more years, many doctors and patients will be amazed by the surgeries we used to make our patients endure. We are all aware of outdated medical treatments that are no longer used because something better has come along.  It often takes years, sometimes decades, for new treatment protocols to become the norm.

We believe that treatment for headache treatment is going in this new direction – and we look for other reputable physicians throughout the world who desire to help their patients be free from the pain of chronic headaches.


Headaches are not just a single problem. Headaches can have multiple causes or triggers, and our NHI headache specialists take time to listen and develop individualized plans.   Our doctors would be happy to talk to interested physicians or patients in more detail about our stem cell treatments and how they can be used to heal headaches without the risks and downtime of powerful drugs.

NHI physicians can diagnose the cause of headache pain, recommend a treatment, and fully explain the procedure.  We’re proud to be able to boast success rates of over 92% using Stem Cell Headache Treatment.


Please email us or fill out the contact information below so that we can arrange for a personal physician to physician discussion with Dr. Sadeghi. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you!




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