A professional headache diagnosis is the first step to relief for New Jersey headache sufferers. The National Headache Institute in South Plainfield, New Jersey provides the most sophisticated medical diagnostic technology available specifically for those with headaches and migraines.

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Why Diagnosis Matters for Freedom from Headache Pain

Millions of people all throughout the United States experience recurrent headaches that happen on a regular basis and last for months – or even years. Sadly, most headache sufferers tough it out without seeking medical attention for their headaches.

What’s worse, many primary care physicians in New Jersey simply aren’t equipped to uncover the rarer causes of chronic headaches. While the most common diagnoses for headaches involve stress or cardiovascular issues, there are many other possibilities.

An accurate diagnosis is essential to faster, more effective treatment that can produce lasting results.

Diagnostic Tests

Our unique focus on headaches and migraines gives us the insight to determine the real cause of your headaches. We deploy the latest cutting-edge technology along with years of experience. Here in New Jersey, our main diagnostic tests include:

ANS Testing

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) tests help you find issues affecting the elaborate system of nerves that regulate unconscious processes in the body. These nerves are responsible for blood circulation, pressure, respiration, and much more. ANS problems can result in headaches, particularly during times of unusual physical exertion or mental stress.

VNG Testing

Videonystagmography, also called VNG, is recommended for those who experience vertigo or balance issues. What is a VNG test? VNG test results center on structures in the inner ear that help your brain process visual stimuli and track your body’s position. Headaches are a common result of disruption of the inner ear apparatus.

For the Truth About Your Headaches, Contact the Leading Name

When you need a headache specialist near South Plainfield, New Jersey, the National Headache Institute is second to none.

Our headache clinic evaluates and treats headaches exclusively. Led by world-renowned headache expert and our clinical director, Dr. Payman Sadeghi along with Dr. Sima Solaimanzadeh give patients fully individualized care based on their needs. It all starts with these powerful tests.

For fast and accurate diagnosis, contact us.


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