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Find Headache Relief at the New Jersey Headache Institute

Welcome to The New Jersey office of National Headache Institute, a medical office located in South Plainfield, NJ dedicated to diagnosing and treating the diverse array of conditions that can lead to painful headaches and migraines. We are the only team of medical professionals in the area that can diagnose and treat headaches caused by a large variety of factors. Learn about our differentiated headache treatment philosophy and let us help you put painful headaches and migraines in your past. Effective headache relief in South Plainfield and the rest of New Jersey is a phone call away.

Unlike traditional neurologists, who focus specifically on disorders related to the nervous system, the New Jersey Headache Institute is the only team of medical professionals in the area that can diagnose and treat headaches caused by a large variety of factors. Why are we successful in providing headache treatment in New Jersey when many others have failed?

Many of our New Jersey patients are almost ready to give up hope that there is a treatment to remedy their headache. At New Jersey Headache Institute, what differentiates us is our philosophy regarding the treatment of headache pain:

  • Despite the growing trend of fast, impersonal patient care, we've returned to a traditional model where we take the time to properly diagnose our patients. We only see a limited number of patients per day.
  • We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to our patients. Do you have neck pain? What allergies do you have? We explore the condition carefully to find you headache relief in New Jersey.
  • We believe in a diverse approach to diagnosis. There is no existing protocol or standard treatment. We approach each condition in an open-minded manner.
  • We use the latest in proven technology and treatments for the most effective results.

At the New Jersey Headache Institute, we are proud to provide the highest level of care to men and women in the Garden State who suffer from chronic headaches or migraines. With our decades of experience, we offer cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technology. Our specialists in South Plainfield, NJ have helped thousands of people finally experience lasting relief from headaches and the conditions that cause them. Through customized, non-invasive approaches, we help our patients reclaim their quality of life and alleviate their chronic pain.

Headache Diagnosis and Treatment

New Jersey Headache Institute is the leader in safe, effective headache diagnosis and treatment. There are dozens of conditions that can cause chronic headaches, including primary conditions – where the headache is the main medical issue – and secondary conditions. An underlying, undiagnosed problem can be the root cause. Diagnosis is the first step toward healing. Following a successful diagnosis, a personalized care plan can help alleviate symptoms, often as quickly as just one visit.

Migraine Diagnosis and Treatment

Migraines differ from other headaches in a number of ways. They cause debilitating symptoms that may interfere with work, family time, and many other aspects of life. The reasons why some people develop migraines remain uncertain, but New Jersey Headache Institute has pioneered groundbreaking treatments for migraine sufferers. Migraines can be triggered by issues with the body’s nerves, vascular system, and more. Until recently, diagnosing these problems has been very challenging. With our help, you can gain clarity on the source of migraine issues. We use innovative treatments to address even the most complex causes of migraine, promoting lasting freedom from pain.

Botox Therapy

In recent years, Botox has become popular as a way of rejuvenating the face. In 2010, Botox was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of chronic migraines. Treatment is spread across multiple weeks and consists of quick injections into the face. Discomfort is minor, and symptoms can be eliminated for several months. Botox works by reducing the activity of facial muscles that contribute to migraines and stress headaches when they are too tight. It has been suggested for several other chronic conditions, too.

ANS & VNG Testing

Video­nystagmography Test (VNG Test)

If you experience frequent headaches alongside disorienting feelings of dizziness and vertigo, videonystagmography may be the right diagnostic tool for you. VNG testing is used to evaluate inner ear and central motor functionality. Your inner ear and brain stem are an important part of maintaining balance and orientation. VNG makes it easier to uncover problems with inner ear and brain stem function by measuring the movements of your eyes using specialized infrared cameras. This makes VNG testing accurate, consistent and comfortable compared to the alternatives. A VNG test will help headache specialists in South Plainfield, NJ determine whether an inner ear or brain stem disease is responsible for your headache problems. It is one of the only tests available today that will distinguish between an inner ear issue in one ear and those occurring in both ears simultaneously. During a VNG test, the patient in South Plainfield, New Jersey will perform a number of simple visual exercises. This can include things like following a fast-moving object or moving the head into various positions to check for unexpected eye movements. The test takes a relatively short time. Took this whole paragraph out. .

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Test

Your autonomic nervous system is responsible for all of the bodily functions that are not under your conscious control. For example, autonomic nerves regulate things like your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, metabolism, and so on. ANS is divided into interrelated systems known as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Many organs are controlled exclusively by one or the other, although they may receive input from the other system on occasion. ANS disorders can affect any part of the body. They might surface on their own as primary disorders or they can be related to conditions anywhere else in the body. They often arise within the central nervous system, making headaches more likely. ANS testing involves the use of specialized diagnostic tools to recognize autonomic neuropathy (i.e. nerve damage) that affects ANS function. Heart rate variability and other sophisticated signs may be used to determine the seriousness and extent of damage. This allows the New Jersey patient to get a more accurate diagnosis that will effectively rule out a wide range of conditions that could otherwise be assumed in place of ANS function. Our years of success at our first location in Texas, the Houston Headache Institute, inspired us to bring this differentiated approach to headache treatment in New Jersey and Florida. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We can help you put painful headaches and migraines in your past.

Types of Headaches Treated at the New Jersey Headache Institute

At New Jersey Headache Institute our physicians and staff have experience in treating a multitude of headache disorders and their causes. Our unique methodology to diagnose headache patients ensures a high rate of success. The following are the most common:

Chronic Daily Headaches

Among the most treated headache disorders at our office, chronic daily headaches are not directly caused by an underlying medical condition and occur more than 15 times in a single month for at least three months in a single year. Chronic daily headaches are generally short in duration with the longest lasting several hours.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are acute and last for weeks and even months at a time. Patients suffer periods of severe pain interrupted by pain free periods of different durations. External Compression Headaches External compression headaches are caused by ill-fitting headgear such as helmets, headbands or goggles. This makes them one of the easiest headaches types to treat. Once the cause is determined, removing the offending headgear will generally eliminate the resulting headaches.


Migraines can be triggered by a variety of factors including anxiety, stress, lack of food, lack of sleep and hormonal in-balances. Migraines occur more often in women than men and are among the most diagnosed headaches at New Jersey Headache Institute.

Allergy & Sinus Headaches

Many are unclear of the relationship between allergies and sinus headaches. Allergies do not directly cause headaches, but they do cause congestion that can lead to sinus headaches. Allergies also cause the body to release natural histamines that can dilute blood vessels which can in turn trigger a migraine headache. Other headache disorders commonly treated at New Jersey Headache Institute include:



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