Headache Treatment
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Neuro fascial hydro-dissection – also known as nerve hydrodissection – is quickly becoming one of the most promising ideas in migraine treatment and even headache treatment for chronic headache patients.

This procedure has been used in a variety of situations but is only now seeing frequent application for headache sufferers. It has a long record of success for many patients, including accident victims and high-performance athletes recovering from injuries.

Pinched Nerve Causing Headache? Hydro-Dissection May be the Answer

As you move from place to place and engage in daily activities, your nerves must remain supple and move with your muscles. Occasionally, the body can move in such a way that significantly restricts a nerve’s range of motion, potentially compressing it and locking it in position.

This nerve entrapment can happen to anyone. Though it is somewhat more likely among people who engage in sports and regular exercise, postural habits and repetitive stress are factors that can make it more likely. Indeed, it often happens “out of nowhere.”

Nerves are essential to the body’s functioning, as they carry vital information to and from the brain. Over time, a nerve may “reset” into the right position naturally. However, compressed nerves are often extremely painful. Treatment can bring relief fast.

Because nerves are responsible for the body’s signaling processes, they can cause a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms when they malfunction. Pinched nerves, especially those in the neck, shoulders, or anywhere around the environs of the head, can cause headaches.

Hydro-dissection accelerates the return of healthy nerve function and relieves pain.

How Hydro-Dissection Works

Hydro-dissection is a quick, safe procedure that can usually be completed in less than half an hour. During the process, a specialized substance is injected near the site of nerves that cause headache pain. The substance helps nourish nerves and restore them to their natural state.

In most cases, affected nerves quickly return to their normal function after the injection. You may begin to feel better before you have even left the office. What’s more, having entrapment in a particular nerve does not necessarily mean you have a higher risk for it in the future.

Get the Facts on Hydro-Dissection at National Headache Institute

In Miami, Florida and two other locations throughout the United States, the team at National Headache Institute works tirelessly to develop treatment protocols and diagnostic procedures for headache pain. We’ve helped thousands of chronic headache sufferers achieve lasting relief.

The process begins with an accurate diagnosis. Only when the cause of your headaches has been identified can we match you with the ideal treatment. For those for whom neuro fascial hydrodissection is indicated, relief is often profound and permanent.

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