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Are you suffering from a headache brought on by a pinched nerve? Or believe you might be?

If so, neuro fascial hydro-dissection may be the answer. Physicians treating a spectrum of pain conditions have also used this potent headache treatment. It often helps accident victims, those recovering from surgery, and even athletes who have suffered a sports injury.

Now, National Headache Institute can offer it to headache patients in Houston, Texas.

Who Can Benefit from Neuro Fascial Hydro-Dissection?

Chronic headaches can come from a wide variety of causes. One of the most painful – and often most difficult to diagnose – is nerve entrapment. This occurs when a nerve somewhere in the body becomes compressed and unable to move or function as normal. When entrapment occurs around the neck, it can lead to sharp, stabbing headaches that come and go without warning.

How Does Nerve Hydrodissection Work?

Hydrodissection is a potent, yet simple approach to restoring nerves to their natural condition. It uses a series of brief injections near the site of entrapped nerves. During treatment, a specialized fluid is delivered that helps free the nerves from the stressed or compressed position while nourishing them. This typically eliminates chronic headaches completely for patients suffering pinched nerves.

Can Neuro Fascial Hydro-Dissection Work as a Migraine Treatment?

If migraines arise suddenly with no apparent explanation, then pinched nerves may be a factor. It’s important to remember that migraines can be caused by many factors, including structural problems with blood vessels in the head, neck and brain. When nerve entrapment is the major contributing factor, hydrodissection can produce profound relief for migraine patients.

Are There Any Risks Involved in Treatment?

Hydrodissection consists only of targeted injections in specific areas around key nerves. It is not an invasive surgical procedure and does not carry the same risks as one. Of course, all medical procedures entail some risk. It’s important to talk to a qualified headache specialist and get a complete, accurate diagnosis before you embark on any type of chronic headache treatment.

Get Started at National Headache Institute

From three locations nationwide, our team strives to provide patients with the best headache care in the world today. Our clinical staff based on leading neurological science developments has created many of our diagnostic protocols and treatment approaches.

Many people in Houston and elsewhere endure headaches in silence because they believe there is no effective way to stop them. Before National Headache Institute was founded, there was no cohesive, evidence-tested protocol for treating chronic headaches.

Today, there is – and you can benefit from the highest standards of care right in Houston.

To learn about hydrodissection, and other treatments for a pinched nerve causing headache, contact us today