In the recent years, thanks to the advancement in technology, we have been able to solve the mystery of our bodies own repair system. We have learned that our blood platelets contain many of the signaling system that is necessary to initiate and promote healing. We have also learned that our body contains abundant stem cells in the bone marrow and adipose tissues. We have developed relatively easy techniques to extract the stem cells, concentrate the signaling system in our platelets, combine the 2 power houses together, and thus help the body heals itself where it needs it most.


Stem Cell Headache Therapy: The Future of Medicine, Today

Our bodies contain a complex network of cells, some of which are capable of producing specific proteins, known generally as growth factors. These cells mostly exist in our blood, bone marrow, and adipose tissue. This network constitutes the amazing healing system of our body. We have known for centuries that the best way to repair or treat an injury to the body is to have your own body repair that injury. This way the recovery can be more complete and the function can be fully restored. T

Throughout centuries we have utilized different methods such as bed rest, herbal remedies, food remedies, etc. We have even tried using animal tissues that most resembles human tissue. One such example is porcine heart valves used routinely for patients in need of valve replacement. Failure to be able to induce the self healing power of the ones own body drove us to come up with alternatives such as titanium components for joint replacement, screws and plates for spine and other bone repairs, transplants, and implants, just to name a few. Our body does not like foreign objects. The body will put up a fight against any foreign object that is introduced to its internal environment. That is why recovery from most orthopedic surgeries is long and difficult. Furthermore, every joint repair or replacement has an expiry date of only a few years. Our body tends to fight those Titanium screws, plates, rods, joint sockets, etc.

This scientific advancement has helped us prevent many spinal and joint surgeries and help control many painful conditions. Many patients can avoid surgical procedures for various common ligament and cartilage problems such as ACL, MCL, LCL, Meniscus tears, advanced arthritis of any joint including cervical and lumbar spine, Rotator cuff tears, and even hip or knee replacements.

How is Stem Cell Headache Therapy Done?

First we take patient’s blood sample and centrifuge it in a couple of steps. This allows us to obtain a plasma that has up to 500 times concentrated growth factors and platelets, known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Then we take a sample of patient’s adipose tissue and/or bone marrow, both of which are done through a very minimally invasive procedure using a special needle and a syringe. We centrifuge that extract as well. We then mix the two components together and inject it into the injured area. The type of centrifuge and equipment used in this step is extremely important so that we can obtain the purest stem cell concentrate and the most concentrate PRP possible. At the National Headache Institute we always use the most advanced equipment and we upgrade our equipment regularly. This way we make sure we stay updated with the best and the most technologically advanced treatments available.


What Happens Next?

The concentrated plasma (PRP) activates and programs the stem cells. Stem cells have the potential of becoming almost any type of cell they desire. This fact makes it important to deliver the stem cells to the site of injury. That is where expertise in injection techniques is extremely important. At Miami Headache Institute our clinicians dominate the injection techniques and they undergo vigorous training regularly to keep up to date with the latest and the greatest. This attitude has helped us achieve a well above average result in our treatments. Once the activated stem cells are delivered to the site of injury, knee cartilage for example, they will differentiate to become Chondrocytes and repair the torn or damaged cartilage. Depending on the degree of damage there may be a need for retreatment either with more stem cell-PRP combo or PRP alone. This can only be determined a few weeks after the initial treatment. As a general rule, Stem cells stay in place for about 3 months but PRP remains active for only about 3-4 weeks. Therefore, there may be a need for PRP re-injection in about 4-6 weeks in order to re-activate the remaining stem cells.


Headache and Stem Cell Treatment in Miami, Florida

Biocellular therapy is well known for treating different painful conditions of various joints such as Knee, Hip, Ankle, Lower back, Mid Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, and wrist, among others. At Miami Headache Institute in addition to using Biocellular therapy to treat all of the above conditions, through expertise and creativity of our medical director, Payman Sadeghi, M.D, we have developed techniques to treat several types of chronic migraines and headache. In order to have a successful treatment, correct diagnosis is the key. Diagnosing the underlying condition or disorder that causes the headaches, is essential. Therefore, every patient goes through complete work up, even if some of the tests have been done by other doctors in the past. This way we do not leave anything to chance and we do not assume that the tests have been done or interpreted right or wrong.


Adipose Stem Cell Services For Sufferers

Have you heard about the powerful new adipose stem cell treatment for headaches?

For several years now, stem cell treatment has been growing popular as an approach to regenerative medicine. Only recently, however, has it become possible to use stem cells to substantially reduce headache pain for many chronic headache sufferers.

National Headache Institute is proud to pioneer this groundbreaking technique for patients. It is another example of our dedication to the most advanced headache and migraine therapy on the market today.

The Unique Abilities of Stem Cells in the Human Body

For most people, adipose tissue is not a favorite. Adipose is the medical term for the water, connective elements and fat cells that make up what we commonly think of as body fat.

Naturally, adipose tissue has a variety of positive uses within the body. In fact, scientists are discovering valuable insights about it, including its potential as a site for cell stem harvesting.

Stem cells are the body’s most versatile cells. They act as a sort of “template” that can develop into virtually any other type of human cell based on the body’s specific needs at the moment.

Over the last several years, regenerative medicine has made inroads in finding and using stem cells from around the body. For example, stem cells may often be discovered in the bone marrow, inside the structures of teeth and – perhaps most easily for many patients – in adipose tissue.


How Stem Cell Treatments Work to Eliminate Headaches

Although the adult body does not maintain a huge store of stem cells, they remain able to use their unique properties in times of need. Many types of injury that were once believed to be impossible to heal, such as cardiovascular damage and neuropathy, can respond positively to stem cells.

This is amazing news for sufferers of chronic headaches and migraines.

Many headache sufferers have systemic health concerns that influence their condition. For example, structural problems with blood vessels of the head and neck can lead to chronic pain. These problems rarely respond to conventional medication or surgery.

Using the body’s own stem cells, it is often possible to spark natural healing.

In this treatment, stem cells are harvested from a small sample of adipose tissue that can be taken from the abdomen or “love handles.” Then, the cells are reintroduced into the patient’s body based on the specific headache factors that have been diagnosed.


Headache Sufferers Can Pursue Lasting Relief with Us

We have helped hundreds of patients. Patients who have been disabled by their chronic headaches. Patients who have had tried many different treatments and they have seen many neurologists and headache specialist. We have helped many patients get their life back and hopefully we can help you too.

National Headache Institute is dedicated to providing each patient with a complete, clear and accurate diagnosis. Custom-tailored therapies can lower headache pain or resolve it completely.

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