The National Headache Institute is pleased to offer advanced neuro-prolotherapy for headache patients in Miami, FL and the surrounding area.

NPT is a groundbreaking treatment protocol that can have a tremendous impact on patients who suffer chronic headache or chronic migraine pain. Our experts are among the only treatment professionals in Miami who can offer you NPT.

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Neuro-Prolotherapy Provides an Answer for Sudden, Painful Headache Flare-Ups

Different types of prolotherapy have been used for pain management for years.

Neuro-prolotherapy builds upon this record of success with the development of a specialized technique that has shown promising results for headache pain in particular.

NPT works through the use of perineural injection – injection near the sites of certain nerves associated with your headache pain. The injections carry a low-dose dextrose solution to the nerves. Dextrose is a type of simple sugar used by the brain as a power source.

Targeted injection of dextrose into specific nerve sites can precisely treat neuropathy, pain that is felt as a result of nerve damage or malfunction. Perineural therapy is so effective for some patients that they may notice complete cessation of headache pain within minutes.

The Miami Headache Institute Team Specializes in NPT for Headache Pain

NPT is unusual among headache treatment methods because it can precisely isolate the cause of pain and treat it directly. Following perineural injection therapy, the patient can benefit from near-immediate reduction in the inflammation that contributes to pain.

Used correctly, NPT has benefited patients suffering from all these issues:

  • Knee pain;
  • Shoulder pain;
  • Neck pain;
  • Hip pain;
  • Muscle injuries;
  • Repetitive stress disorders like tennis elbow;
  • Bell’s palsy;
  • Pain in the face;
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ);
  • And much more.

The Miami Headache Institute team specializes in using NPT to alleviate headache symptoms. However, it is important to realize that pain throughout the body can produce high physiological burdens. By curbing pain and inflammation in other areas, headaches may become less frequent and severe. With this in mind, NPT is one of the most powerful and versatile treatment options.

Get the Best Headache Treatments Available in Miami, Florida

The Miami Headache Institute works around the clock to develop headache treatments that go above and beyond. Our goal is to help each patient achieve maximum freedom from headache pain. For headaches related to neuropathy, NPT is one of our most sought-after treatments.

Our practice brings Miami patients the most effective care. We partner with you to develop a customized treatment plan that works.

To set up your appointment, contact us today. We look forward to helping you.

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