Houston headache sufferers who want to enjoy the best care have a new option: PRP treatment. PRP therapy – short for Platelet Rich Plasma – is a unique method that makes use of the latest medical advances in combination with the human body’s remarkable healing power.



PRP Treatment for Headaches Offers New Hope for People with Chronic Headaches

PRP is an idea at the forefront of modern regenerative medicine, which deals with restoring optimal function to the body after it has been damaged.

Until recently, most treatments – not only for headaches but almost all ailments – focused on symptom management, enhancing comfort while giving the body the time to take action. However, it is not always possible for the body to heal completely from trauma.

With PRP, we can supply your body with the resources it needs to accelerate and strengthen its healing capabilities. This can spur complete healing of long-term issues that, for the most part, wouldn’t otherwise be likely to improve further.

In short, PRP allows the body to address and resolve the systemic issues that create headaches. Through PRP, patients may experience improvement in:

  • Damage to arteries and veins that supply blood to the head;
  • Neuropathy that can lead to migraines or make them worse;
  • Trauma from accidents or injuries that cause headache pain.

What to Expect from PRP at National Headache Institute

As the name suggests, PRP uses one of the most potent elements in the body to support healing and reduce headaches – blood. The procedure starts by drawing a small sample of your blood – a quick process with minimal discomfort.

Then, specialized equipment is used to enrich the blood sample, causing it to become suffused with natural growth agents. These natural agents include many proteins essential to healing. They are always within your blood, but this step causes them to emerge in higher amounts.

Typically, the process includes treating the blood sample in a medical-grade centrifuge.

After the sample is enriched, it is reintroduced into the patient’s body. The arrival of “new” platelet-rich blood spurs the healing process, which can cause noticeable results within a brief time.

PRP has been used to great effect for professional athletes at the highest levels of competition. Now, PRP for headaches is finally available as part of a complete treatment strategy for you!


Learn More About PRP Therapy Today

As the leading Houston headache specialist, National Headache Institute is proud to offer the foremost care for headaches. With our leading headache diagnostic technology, all patients receive a customized treatment plan focused on their specific needs.

Even if your headaches have resisted other treatments in the past, PRP may help you.

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