Here at the National Headache Institute in Houston, Texas, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to diagnose the root cause of headache pain and develop a treatment plan that works best for each patient. After treating thousands of people, the most common type of chronic headache we encounter is the tension headache – so named because it is often caused by stress and deep muscle tension.
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  As muscle pain becomes more persistent and widespread, it is difficult for the patient to become physically relaxed. Posture problems, a sedentary lifestyle and other factors can contribute to a cycle of pain that grows worse over time – perpetuating longer, more severe headaches. Neuro-muscular Therapy is a potent solution to deep muscle tension and associated headaches.

Relief for Tension Headache Sufferers

Everyone knows that a massage is a great way to reduce tension. Massage therapy not only helps the muscles release, but also improves blood circulation. For many patients in Texas, massage will even contribute to lower blood pressure readings and a higher quality of sleep. Neuro-muscular Therapy takes all the existing benefits of massage therapy and enhances them using specialized new approaches. Through advanced digital pressure and friction techniques, a trained NMT therapist is more able to find and address the trigger points that cause lasting muscle tension. Tenderness, referred pain and twitching are all symptoms associated with these trigger points. They are hyper-sensitive “knots” that arise in muscle tissue and the nearby connective tissue. In many cases, they cause a persistent, low-level discomfort that is difficult to resolve. Muscles can develop multiple trigger points as a result of stress or injury. However, it’s unhealthy to have chronic, unrelieved trigger points. Even if you have had trigger points for years, getting them treated properly can lead to lasting relief. A single NMT therapy session generally lasts less than an hour. The best results often arise from shorter, consistent sessions spaced out over a period of time. However, most patients enjoy noticeable reduction in their muscle discomfort after the very first session. Within a few weeks, many patients achieve substantial reduction in tension headaches.

The Top Clinic in Houston Exclusively for Headache Pain

With locations throughout the United States and years of experience in headache treatment, the National Headache Institute in Houston has the No. 1 team for addressing chronic headache pain. Millions of people all across the country suffer from regular headache pain. However, many can reduce or even completely eliminate headaches through customized, state of the art treatment. NMT is just one of many methods we can use to help you based on your situation. To find out more or set an appointment, contact National Headache Institute in Houston today.  

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