The Houston Headache Institute offers a wide range of headache ultrasound tests for our patients in Houston, Texas. These tests use sound waves to “see” vital organs and other crucial structures in the body that can contribute to chronic headaches when they are not working as they should.
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  Some of our ultrasound-based tests and treatments include:


Echocardiography is a specialized type of ultrasound test offered at the Houston Headache Institute that evaluates the health of the heart. Problems with the heart, including heart rhythm, blood flow and blood pressure, can be major contributors to recurring headache pain. This test produces a detailed diagnostic image of the four chambers of the heart, its many valves and walls, its surrounding blood vessels and the pericardium “sac” around the heart. Problems with any of these, especially blood vessels, can provide clues about headache pain.

Transcranial Doppler

Transcranial Doppler is a type of headache diagnostic test that focuses on the structures of the head. It is particularly helpful for determining the origin of migraine headaches without aura, as well as chronic tension-type headaches. Transcranial Doppler helps rule out causes for what were previously termed “vascular headaches” – that is, headaches partially created by the malfunction of cranial blood vessels. This test can inform you if you have an undiagnosed condition that leads to your headaches.

Extra-cranial Carotid Doppler

Carotid ultrasound uses sound waves to produce imagery of the carotid arteries. These arteries, located in the neck, are essential for the proper flow of blood from the heart to the brain. Issues with the carotid artery can restrict blood flow, causing headaches. Carotid artery health is especially important for headache sufferers in Houston. If the artery is blocked or narrowed, it can increase the likelihood of stroke and other complications, spasms or thickening of the carotid artery walls can be a cause of headaches.  The extra-cranial carotid Doppler can provide valuable information for your primary care team.

Neuro-Fascial Hydro-dissection

Though not a form of ultrasound on its own, hydro-dissection is often used as the first step in this treatment. In hydro-dissection, a specialized substance is injected near nerves that are the cause of headache pain. This substance helps to nourish nerves and return them to their natural state, especially when they have become compressed or “entrapped.” Prior to performing a neuro-fascial hydro-dissection at our Headache Institute in Texas, ultrasound can be used to evaluate the health of the area where the target nerve is located. This allows for a faster and more precise treatment that may resolve headache pain when other treatments have not yet been effective. Some Houston patients begin to feel pain relief within minutes after treatment. To schedule your appointment, just contact the Houston Headache Institute today.  

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