Bone marrow stem cell therapy for headaches and migraines is leading a quiet revolution in headache relief.

While many headache sufferers from around the United States have heard of stem cells, few realize that – even today – a treatment protocol exists to use these natural healing agents to reduce or even eliminate headaches right here in Houston, Texas.

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At the National Headache Institute led by Dr. Payman Sadeghi and with his PATENT PENDING treatment with Stem Cells for Headaches, our headache patients here in Houston, Texas are discovering the world of freedom they can access when their chronic headache condition is treated with the latest stem cell-based therapies.

The Key to True Regenerative Medicine for Houston Headache Patients

Since their discovery in 1981, stem cells have been a source of fascination for scientists and patients alike. It is now widely known that stem cells have a remarkable capability – they can adapt to become many of the body’s other cells, accelerating the natural healing process.

When stem cells were first identified, it was assumed that adults would have very few available to them. We now know that adult stem cell reserves can be found within adipose tissue and in the largest quantity, in bone marrow. How we determine which location whether Adipose or Bone Marrow depends on the patient’s age, body composition, and current health status.

How Stem Cells Work for Next Generation Headache and Migraine Treatment

While there are other options, bone marrow stem cell therapy provides opportunities to access the richest stores of stem cells for most patients. Once stem cells have been harvested, they can be reintroduced into the body (Autologous) to promote natural healing mechanisms in this fascinating regenerative treatment.

For chronic headache sufferers whose condition has not responded to conventional forms of treatment, this can give the body the resources it needs to achieve new levels of healing. Many patients across Houston and beyond Texas enjoy significant reduction or even complete cessation of headaches; each patient may vary in results and effectiveness.

Patients whose headaches are determined to be related to an underlying health cause should consider stem cell therapy to meet their unique needs. For example, patients whose headaches are caused by malformation or damage tissue including blood vessels of the head and neck are ideal candidates.

Sufferers of chronic migraine, especially migraine with aura, have limited treatment options. Stem cells have shown particular promise for those struggling with these debilitating headaches; this is once diagnostic testing and imaging results prove a patient could be a candidate for Stem Cell treatment.

If you are not sure whether your condition is likely to respond to stem cell treatment, National Headache Institute can help you determine whether or not it’s right for you.

Come See Acclaimed Headache Experts Right Here in Houston, Texas

At the National Headache Institute, our team pioneers truly innovative and effective approaches for headache relief. Our goal is to help each patient maximize freedom from headaches.

Every patient receives a thorough diagnosis using the latest technologies and techniques. With these insights, we can help you make an informed decision about stem cells or other treatments. To find out more or get started, contact us for an appointment.


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