When you need to see a headache specialist in Houston for expert headache diagnosis, you can get started right here at the National Headache Institute. Our team of skilled medical experts is fully dedicated to pioneering the science of headache management and reduction.
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Get Tested and Diagnosed at the National Headache Institute

We use the latest technology and techniques to uncover the true factors behind headaches. Our wide range of diagnostic procedures in Houston allows us to customize treatment to patients’ needs. This leads to faster, more potent results. Testing is the first step to find headache relief.

ANS Testing

ANS testing is a fast, yet powerful way to understand the cause of persistent problem headaches. It helps locate problems in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which controls the body’s involuntary functions, including blood flow and heart rate. ANS disorders, especially those affecting the cardiovascular system, can make headaches among the people in Houston, Texas more likely and more severe. An ANS test can help you determine whether your headaches are caused by a severe systemic issue that you should address with your primary care team.

VNG Testing

Many potential patients ask us, “What is a VNG test?” VNG testing is frequently used when headache symptoms are suspected to originate with problems in the inner ear, optic nerve, and other sensitive structures that facilitate sensory processing in the head. VNG test results are derived from a series of simple tasks the Houston patient performs under a doctor’s supervision. For example, the patient may be asked to follow visual cues using the eyes. This testing helps verify whether inner ear disease is causing headaches.

EEG Testing

An EEG test for migraines is one of the most advanced options available, but what is an EEG test? This test uses specialized devices that are attached to the scalp to monitor the electrical activity of the patient’s brain for a defined period. EEG test results are especially helpful for patients who have experienced seizures. Seizures and recurrent migraine with aura are potential signs of epilepsy, a relatively common seizure disease. When epilepsy is diagnosed, appropriate medication can curb both seizures and headaches.

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The first step in any practical course of treatment for headache pain is an accurate diagnosis. Sadly, many patients in Houston and elsewhere find themselves waiting years for information they can act on to take control of their headaches. We will help you get the facts the first time! With a network of three facilities throughout the United States, the National Headache Institute in Houston, Texas is the only advanced diagnostic center and clinic exclusively for headache sufferers. Our expertise will help you get on the road to freedom from headache pain. To get started, contact us today!  

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