Many migraine sufferers in Houston, Texas don’t realize that allergies – which may not even be diagnosed – can be a contributing factor in their headache pain. Allergies can worsen the frequency and severity of headaches, combining with other headache triggers to make your condition that much harder to bear and treat. There is more to the allergy-headache connection than most people realize. Getting deeper insight into your allergies can help you manage your headaches better than ever.
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A Headache Allergy Test Can Help You Detect Diet-Based Headache Triggers

What kinds of allergies are most likely to cause headache problems in Houston, TX? Both food allergies and environmental allergies – related to things like pollen, pet dander and dust commonly found in Houston, TX – can play a role in chronic headaches. All forms of allergies can also cause headaches on their own merits by increasing sinus inflammation and pressure. It’s especially important to identify food-triggered allergies that headache sufferers may have. Food-triggered allergies can first appear well into adulthood and may go undiagnosed for years unless they have severe, acute symptoms. Most doctors do not draw the connection between a particular food and headache pain – but the Houston Headache Institute can. Our allergy headache test can help you identify dietary migraine triggers fast. The specialized allergy migraines test helps determine how a variety of foods can impact your health. This is done by screening for the presence of particular antibodies and other chemicals that have a high correlation to food-related allergies, especially those that are relatively rare. By analyzing your test results in conjunction with your medical history and dietary habits, it becomes possible to take control of your headaches like never before.

Reduce or Eliminate Headaches through Medically-Sound Diet Adjustments

Getting to the root of headache pain is all about an accurate diagnosis. Allergies are often the last thing checked, partially because doctors expect symptoms to be obvious. However, mild allergies can produce discomfort and trigger headaches, especially in those predisposed to them. Using the knowledge you gain from our tests, you can:
  • Eliminate foods that may trigger migraines based on your personal allergy profile;
  • Recognize signs of food allergy headaches to make smart diet choices in the future;
  • Substantially reduce the severity, prevalence and length of your migraine headaches.
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