Welcome to the National Headache Institute in Houston, Texas, where the diagnosis and treatment of problematic headaches is the primary goal. Our dedicated professionals are committed to alleviating your pain with proven treatments and a solid understanding of your specific issues. If you are suffering from headaches in Houston, our team is here to help develop the right individualized treatment plan for you.

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Find Headache Relief at the Houston Headache Institute

Here at the Houston Headache Institute, we work tirelessly at the forefront of advanced medical treatment for chronic headaches and migraines for residents in Houston, Texas. We offer a complete assortment of safe, effective, non-invasive treatment options that can alleviate headaches no matter what may be causing them.

Just as importantly, we believe in developing a personalized treatment plan for every patient, maximizing the relief and accelerating results.

Diagnostics and Relief in One Location

Navigating your day through the discomfort of a headache is complicated enough. At the National Headache Institute, we strive to simplify your life by offering a full service of diagnostics and treatments in one convenient location. Through state-of-the-art technology, we can provide the following non-invasive diagnostic testing options:

  • Chronic Migraine Treatment – For ongoing migraine pain, proper management is essential. The majority of people with migraine disorders are not receiving medical care. Misdiagnoses, ill-advised self-prescribed treatments, and overuse of medication can lead to increased symptom frequencies.
  • Allergy Testing – Allergies create irritation and pressure throughout the respiratory system, including the head and sinuses. Because of this, they are often the culprit of many occurrences of a headache. Discovering what allergens you may be sensitive to can be the key to successful treatment.
  • ANS, VNG & EEG Testing – The Autonomic Nervous System test (ANS), Videonystagmography (VNG), and Electroencephalogram (EEG) are valuable tests that both evaluate and rule out blood pressure complications, inner ear disorders, and brain functions. These diagnostic tools not only help in discovering the possible causes of a headache, but they can also improve your overall health by revealing hidden conditions that have gone undiagnosed.
  • Ultrasounds – Echocardiogram, Transcranial Doppler, Extracranial Bilateral Study, and Extra-Cranial Carotid Doppler are all types of ultrasound that can measure the blood flow to the brain and heart, as well as assessing arterial blood flow. Complications in these areas are a common cause of extreme migraines.
  • Botox Treatment – Best known as a cosmetic procedure, Botox has been shown to relieve tension headaches by relaxing specific facial muscles. Fast and easy, this therapy can deliver long-term relief from pain.
  • Biocellular Treatment – This is best known for treating different painful conditions of various joints such as the knee, hip, ankle, lower back, mid back, neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. However, at the National Headache Institute, we have developed techniques to treat several types of chronic migraines and headaches.
  • Physical Medicine – Targeting muscles that are tense and stressed, this therapy includes procedures such as massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and accessing pressure points along the scalp. A neuro-muscular strain is a common source of headaches, and this approach is safe and straightforward. Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) encompasses the procedures above.


NPT- Neuro Proliferation Therapy

Neuro Proliferation Therapy (NPT) is the approach our physicians take in order to attack immediate headache flare-ups and severe pain. By using Dextrose, the physician allocates and isolates the pain, by decreasing the inflammation in the patient; the results are almost immediately. Your pain will ultimately dictate whether neuro-prolotherapy is right for you.

If our doctors can find direct, measurable damage to one of your joints or tendons, we’ll recommend treating the damage directly. However, if we can’t find any damage, and if other facts in your history and symptoms indicate that the pain is nerve-based, neuro-prolotherapy may be the effective treatment you’ve been looking for. In some instances, your pain may be the result of many different factors, and you may need a mixture of different treatments carefully choreographed to fit your needs.

Our Houston doctors have used neuro-prolotherapy to treat all of the following:

  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Bell's Palsy
  • Face Pain
  • TMJ
  • And others

Proliferation Therapy

Proliferation Therapy (PROLO) uses a mild irritant solution (usually consisting of various sugars) that we inject directly into the damaged or painful joint, creating a small, controlled inflammation. This controlled inflammation is a reparative type or proliferative type. The therapy triggers your body to heal the original damage that originated the pain or inflammation. Your body regenerates new and shields, whole tissue, and you experience less pain and better function. This therapy approach is performed every 4-6 weeks. Each patient achieves different results depending on the severity of the pain.

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma containing concentrated platelets. These platelets contain a vast amount of reservoir of biologically active proteins and mediators, including platelet growth factors, which are vital for the initiation and acceleration of tissue repair and degeneration. These bioactive proteins help initiate and/or accelerate connective tissue healing as well as bone and possibly joint surface regeneration and repair. They can promote the development of new blood vessels and stimulate the wound healing process. Not only, this is the future of regenerative medicine, but it has been successful in the treatment of headaches and joint pain. Many joints pre-surgery patients are expediting PRP as an alternative to surgical procedures.

Moreover, our PRP treatments can stimulate the hair follicles you thought were dormant, leading to increased hair growth and thicker, fuller hair! Whether you’ve recently had hair follicles implanted or you want to try to restart your natural hair follicles, our PRP treatment may be able to help. The growth factors in the platelets may be just what you need to bring those follicles (and your hair) back to life.

Our Commitment to You

The National Headache Institute believes in taking the time to listen to our patients so we can explore all options. Through ongoing research in the field of migraines and recurring headaches, we can approach your individual needs from a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and experience. Contact our team today to begin managing your headaches in Houston and enjoying a new outlook on life.