If you suffer from chronic headache pain, you should consider seeing a headache and migraine specialist. Many people throughout the United States put off the idea of seeking specialized treatment for headaches because they may have suffered for so long that finding successful treatment seems like it will be impossible.

However, with personalized guidance from a true headache expert, most patients can get relief.

Why See A Headache Expert Instead Of Your Usual Doctor?

Doctors who specialize in the treatment of headaches are known as neurologists. That title reflects the fact that they are experts in the central nervous system and the brain. No matter what the cause of a headache is, it can be understood through its effect on the brain and nerves.

In fact, many headaches originate with problems in the head, neck and spine – including abnormalities in blood vessels in the brain. As serious as these issues are, they can also be difficult for the average doctor to diagnose. A deep understanding of how headaches present under different circumstances is necessary to choose the right treatment for each situation.

While seeing your family doctor is a better option than getting no treatment at all, it could be months before you get the right referral to deal with your issue. The National Headache Institute offers treatment solutions for those who want to achieve headache relief fast.

Come To The National Headache Institute For State Of The Art Treatment

Instead of searching for “neurologist near me” to find the closest doctor, come to the headache specialist the nation trusts: the National Headache Institute.

At the National Headache Institute, we focus exclusively on headaches and the underlying issues that can cause them. We believe in providing personalized treatment for every situation, starting with expert diagnosis of the headache’s root cause.

Our medical team consists of Payman Sadeghi, MD, and Carlos Escasena, MD. Dr. Sadeghi is celebrated in the medical community for developing a comprehensive, holistic approach to the treatment of headaches. Until Dr. Sadeghi’s work in Houston, New Jersey, and now Miami, many doctors had different (sometimes incompatible!) approaches.

You deserve the best treatment available, so contact us today or set an appointment. We look forward to helping you experience relief.