What Causes Winter Headaches?

By Annette GallagherDecember 2, 2016No Comments

Seasonal headaches can be extremely uncomfortable. Many people have migraine triggers that involve aspects of the fall and winter seasons that are hard to avoid.

The strong smell of burning leaves, the intense cold, or extremely bright reflection of the sun off the snow are all well-known migraine triggers. Even though you may not be able to avoid these triggers altogether, the New Jersey Headache Institute can help you deal with them and the migraines they often cause.

Migraine Triggers

The triggers for winter headaches and
migraines are much the same as for other times of the year, but the strong odors, bright lights, and tension, cold temperatures, and dry air also can add to the intensity of the discomfort.

Even though you may know and understand your common triggers, they can be more difficult to avoid in the winter. They simply exist in your environment and some aspects of them are not easily changed. The key is to understand the triggers and find ways to prevent the headaches even though exposure to triggers may be imminent.

Dry Sinuses

One of the most common complaints about wi
r is the extremely dry air. This draws the moisture out of your sinuses, leaving them dry and uncomfortable. Use a humidifier that has an air purifier attachment. Vaporizers can be used at night while you sleep and your doctor may recommend nasal sprays to keep the tender mucous membranes moist and pliable. This will help to prevent the dry sinuses and other types of discomfort that can trigger a winter migraine.

Winter Headaches

Winter headaches may intensify as the temperatures drop. Make sure to dress warmly every time you go outside. While it may not prevent a headache altogether, it may play a role in lessening the discomfort.

Cover your face with a scarf to prevent breathing in the extremely cold air. This will also help to keep your sinuses from drying out. Avoid staying outside for long periods of time. Take note of the intensity of your headaches, their duration and what possibly triggered them.

New Jersey Headache Institute

If you experience winter headaches or other forms of seasonal distress, visit the
New Jersey Headache Institute. We serve residents throughout the area, offering guidance and effective treatment plans that help our patients cope with the seasonal discomfort associated with cold weather migraine triggers. We have the answers you are looking for when it comes to effectively reducing the pain and frequency many people experience with headaches and migraines.