What Causes Headaches

By Annette GallagherFebruary 7, 2014No Comments

Why Do People Get Headaches?

A headache is one of the most common afflictions that affects almost everyone. Statistics show that at least 47 percent of the adult population suffers from a headache at least once a year, leading to absenteeism and unaccounted financial losses. Most headaches may not last long but are often quite disabling, making people put all work on hold.

The funny thing about headaches is that no one quite knows the exact reason why they occur. A headache is a non-specific symptom which means it can have many possible causes. The brain itself cannot feel pain; so the question is, what causes the headache?

Experts believe that a lot more is known about headaches today than 20 years before but the full picture is still to emerge. Yet, what doctors believe triggers a headache are the surrounding tissues, brain chemicals, blood vessels and nerves around the brain. Any disturbance here produces the pain signals

Identifying Your Headache-Type

There are two types of headache: primary and secondary. In a primary headache, the pain is due to the headache condition itself and not due to any other cause. A secondary headache has an underlying medical reason. For example a sinus headache resulting from sinusitis. Secondary headaches resolve on their own when the primary cause is correctly diagnosed and treated.

The majority of individuals, however, suffer from primary headaches, which can occur for a number of reasons. Many of these headaches go away on their own and do not need any medical intervention. Rest, sleep and over-the-counter medication can do the job. However, when the headaches become recurrent, they seriously affect one’s quality of life and this is when it makes sense to see your doctor.

Tackling Primary Headaches

The most common type of primary headaches are as follows:

While each of these headaches vary in their duration and intensity, there are some common factors that become a trigger. Below are some common reasons that bring on a headache. Avoiding these triggers can eliminate headaches to a large extent.

        • Being out in bad weather: Too much humidity or conversely, too much chill can easily trigger a headache. Similarly going out in the hot sun is almost a sure invitation for a headache.
        • Staring at the computer for too long: Any kind of strain to the eyes can trigger a headache.
        • Being dehydrated: Consumption of alcohol or not having enough water can lead to a headache.
        • Eating certain foods: Try to identify foods that do not suit you and cause a headache

Diagnosis for headaches is mostly done through a process of elimination. The characteristic of the headache, duration, intensity and type of pain should give the doctor a fairly good idea of what is causing the pain.

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