Therapuetic Ultrasound and Tension Headaches

By Annette GallagherJune 12, 2015No Comments


Could Therapeutic Ultrasound be the Answer to Tension Headaches?

Have you heard of therapeutic ultrasound? It’s a technique that could hold the secret to beating your headaches and migraines for good, especially if you also experience neck and shoulder tension.
Therapeutic ultrasound is a method that is used to stimulate tissue underneath the surface of the skin using high frequency sound waves. In fact, these sound waves are able to penetrate deep down into the tissue, and depending on the area massaged, could reach up to 5” beneath the skin’s surface. The result is long lasting relief from the tense muscles that could be causing your headaches.

How is Therapeutic Ultrasound Being Used to Combat Pain?

When used in therapeutic ultrasonic massage, ultrasound can target muscle tension in many different areas of the body. If you suffer from muscle tension migraines and headaches, ultrasound could prove to be very beneficial. Patients receiving the treatment describe it as feeling like tension and pain is being massaged away from the head and neck. What is actually happening is that the ultrasound waves move and releases those trigger points that are usually the source and cause of the pain associated with headaches.

When these trigger points are targeted, lactic acid buildups are drained and this helps to increase blood flow. It also helps to focus the much-needed nutrients back into the muscles.

There are three primary benefits to therapeutic ultrasound. These are:

  • increased blood flow to muscle tissues and faster healing process
  • targeted treatment that reduces swelling and pain
  • gentle, but deep massage of muscle tissue that can in turn relieve the symptoms and onset of headaches and migraines.

Is Therapeutic Ultrasound Right for You?

As with many targeted treatments, therapeutic ultrasound may not be right for everybody. If you suffer from muscle tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back when you have a headache, you could be the perfect candidate for this type of treatment. Tension headaches are one of the most common types of headache, and research has shown how effective ultrasound treatments can be.

Here at the New Jersey Headache Institute, we specialize in many treatments that can be personalized to suit your needs, and your specific headache type and symptoms. Not all treatments involve medicines in the traditional sense, and we can recommend many innovative or alternative therapies that are proven to have long lasting and effective results.

Take control of your pain today by getting a professional diagnosis and treatment plan for your headaches or migraines. Call us now at 908.660.4382 or use our contact form to book a consultation.

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