Hassled About Tension Headaches?

Nearly 90 percent of all headaches are tension headaches. That should give you some indication of the stress levels that individuals experience in their personal as well as professional life. As the name suggests, tension headaches are mostly brought on when the person feels worried, frustrated or anxious. Most tension headaches feel like a band tightening around the forehead. The pain is usually not debilitating but it is a dull, nagging headache that impacts the whole head and the top of the eyebrows.

There are two categories of tension headaches. If the headache occurs 2 to 3 times a month, it is knows as an episodic headache. However, if the pain lasts for more than 15 days a month, it is considered a chronic condition and some form of treatment becomes essential.

What Causes Tension Headaches?

Experts today believe that the main reason for a tension headache is a change in certain brain chemicals. This is triggered when the person experiences any kind of tension such as:

  • Unsatisfactory work conditions
  • Loss of job
  • Divorce
  • Illness
  • Heavy traffic and crowds
  • Confrontations
  • Retirement
  • Legal problems

Most of these above factors bring on anxiety and depression and lead to tension headaches. But there are other reasons that can trigger the headache as well.

  • Staring at the computer for too long
  • Sitting or standing with the wrong posture
  • Eating certain kinds of foods
  • Strong smells and odors

Should I Be Concerned About Tension Headaches?

Most of the time tension headaches are not a cause for worry and usually taper off on their own. Over-the-counter pills can be taken in their recommended doses to treat tension headaches; these are normally quite effective. However, medication of this type is only an option in the case of episodic headaches. Taking medication to treat chronic headaches which last for the better part of the month is unwise and unsafe. You should talk to your general practitioner or seek specialized treatment to find relief from chronic pain. Fortunately, a majority of individuals suffer only episodic headaches. Bringing about the right changes to one’s lifestyle can go a long way in reducing occurrence of tension headaches.

  • Identifying the root cause of the stress and finding realistic ways to manage it
  • Eating and sleeping on time
  • Reducing caffeine
  • Paying a sport
  • Exercising regularly

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