5 Completely Unexpected Migraine Triggers

By Annette GallagherApril 18, 2018No Comments

What is triggering your headaches?

Knowing your migraine triggers goes a long way in protecting yourself against headache pain. Many causes of headaches are fairly familiar: For example, stress, lack of sleep, and dehydration.

However, there are some that even long-time headache sufferers might never have heard of before.


Beware of These Potent, but Rarely Discussed Headache Triggers

The better you know your triggers, the easier it is to manage and control headache pain. Still, triggers can change over time – and you might have a few you’re unaware of.

Keep an eye out for these rare but no less serious headache triggers:

Bad Weather

Experts are divided on the real cause of poor weather headaches. Some suggest changes in the barometric pressure could be to blame, while others point to lightning itself as a potential culprit. Staying indoors during heavy weather can help.


When choosing deodorants, detergents and more, it may be wise to go with neutral odors. Many migraine sufferers find that they are repelled by strong, sweet scents. Beware of places filled with overpowering smells, such as department stores.


If you experience migraines with aura or flashing lights, be especially careful about your diet. Blood sugar changes and other effects caused by long periods without food can help trigger these attacks. People who suffer from stress-related headaches don’t generally experience the same issue.

Wine, Cheese, Chocolate

While these are favorite foods for some people, they can also trigger migraines. Migraines can occur even if you have no known allergy or sensitivity to the food in question. Consume these foods in moderation – especially the wine, since alcohol can cause its own brand of headaches.

Tight, Constricted Breathing

When people encounter a perceived threat, breathing is usually the first thing to tighten up. This can have the effect of causing blood vessels to constrict quickly, which can trigger a serious headache. Take a few minutes out throughout the day to practice long, deep breaths.


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