Sinus Headaches – With & Without Allergies

By Annette GallagherAugust 3, 2016No Comments

A sinus headache can occur whether or not a person has allergies. While allergies are sometimes blamed for chronic headache pain, there are times when they have little or nothing to do with the headache’s cause or duration.

Chronic headaches and migraines have many different causes other than allergies. An exam by a doctor who specializes in the treatment of sinus headache pain and migraines can help you determine the cause and best course of treatment.


What Causes Congestion?

Allergies often lead to congestion of the nasal passages and sinus cavities. If congestion becomes too severe and the nasal passages begin to fill with mucus, the pressure that is caused can lead to chronic sinus headache pain.

In most cases, simply relieving the congestion will help to reduce the pain and discomfort of the headache.

The use of over-the-counter decongestants is often recommended as the first plan of action. While the decongestants are effective, however, they may only help one aspect of the problem. It is important to talk to a doctor to find out what is causing the congestion so the problem can be treated accordingly.


Can You Have a Sinus Headache without Congestion?

A sinus headache can occur without the nasal congestion associated with allergies. If, for some reason, the sinuses become inflamed or if the airways leading to the passages are swollen, a sinus headache can be the result.

This type of inflammation can be the result of an allergic reaction to a food or a contaminant. The inflammation can also be the result of the body trying to fight off a bacterial or viral infection.


What Role Do Allergies Play in Sinus Headaches?

Allergies, especially those associated with food, can lead to a variety of sensitivities in many areas of the body, including the sinuses. As the allergies become worse, sinus headaches may become more common or they may increase in intensity.

Visiting a doctor can help you uncover the cause of your headaches and help you find the solutions you need to be pain free.


New Jersey Headache Institute

At the New Jersey Headache Institute, we know how frustrating and painful sinus headaches can be. The discomfort associated with the headaches can vary in intensity and may become unbearable if the cause is not determined.

Learning about the role allergies play in chronic headaches will help you find the answers you need and allow your doctor to develop a treatment plan that will help improve your quality of life. Please contact us today for a consultation.