Relaxation Techniques for Tension Headaches

By Annette GallagherApril 14, 2017July 2nd, 2021No Comments

Many headaches are caused mainly by stress. These tension headaches get worse thanks to unrelieved muscle tension, which can cause painful tightness and even restrict cranial blood flow. Next time you feel a headache coming on, try these relaxation techniques:

Deep Breathing

When people experience painful tension, there is a natural instinct to breathe in a shallow, less efficient way. Taking long, deep, slow breaths – and then letting them out just as slowly – can erase tension in the chest, which positively influences the rest of the body.

Progressive Relaxation of the Face (Active)

Whenpart of the body is tightened and thenquickly released, that part usually experiences deeper relaxation, like a coiled spring letting go. Raise your eyebrows high for three or four seconds, then let go fast. Do the same with a wide grin. As these major areas of the face start to relax, so will the rest of your face and head.

Progressive Relaxation of the Face (Passive)

If holding tension in your face hurts, try closing your eyes and simply directing your attention throughout your head and face. Begin with the crown of your head and imagine it relaxing, while taking deep breaths. Do the same with your forehead, ears, eyes, cheeks, sinuses, mouthand chin. Gradually, your muscles respond to your thoughts.

Music Relaxation

Music helps with all kinds of stress. Slow, relaxing music is the best for this. Turn off distractions, dim the lightsand close your eyes. Headphones that block out all other noises are recommended. Experiment with different music, but feel free to start with what some scientists call the world’s most relaxing song.

The Best Relaxation: Sleep

Deep, restful sleep enhances your ability to cope with stress. It also improves your own assessment of your ability to handle problems, which helps you stay calm. Lack of sleep can interfere with organ function and blood pressure. If you suffer tension headaches, try going to bed earlier.

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