Regenerative Medicine: How Stem Cell Treatments Help to Treat the Chronic Migraine

People who suffer from chronic headache or migraine pain can now look to stem cells as a possible form of treatment. Although stem cell research has been going on for years, there has been much controversy concerning where the cells are harvested. The simple fact is, they can be harvested from your own body via bone marrow and adipose tissue.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stems cells are the blank slates that the human body uses to create all different types of cells within the body. They are found mostly in bone marrow and the fatty cells in adipose tissue.

Stems cells have no genetic code to tell them what they are. When they are implanted into the body in a specific area, they begin to interact with the surrounding cells. Stems cells begin to replicate, taking on the genetic codes of the cells around them. This essentially helps the body regenerate healthy cells to take the place of those that are damaged or diseased.

How Stem Cells Work

Stems cells work by taking on the characteristics and genetic codes of nearby cells. As the diseased and damaged cells begin to die away, the new cells take their place in a process of regeneration. This allows the body to start the healing process.

As more and more of the damaged cells are removed, healthier cells that are already in place help the body to function more efficiently.

A high concentration of stem cells are injected directly into the area in which they are needed. This allows the cells to begin to interact immediately with the surrounding tissue.  For example if a patient has knee ligament or cartilage damage the stem cells are injected into that area and the cartilage or the ligament will regenerate and repair itself

How Stem Cells Can Be Used to Treat Migraines

Doctor Payman Sadeghi has created a technique to use stem cell and PRP for various types of headache and migraines.  The process starts with diagnosing the source of pain.  The philosophy behind this technique is that pain is simply nature’s way of telling us that there is tissue damage at a certain part of the body.  Contrary to current theories, Dr. Sadeghi believes that the pain of migraine and headache is not a central pathology; therefore, it is not localized in the brain.  The pain usually stems from the surrounding tissues such as nerves, muscles, ligaments, joints, etc.  Once the diagnosis is made the damaged tissue responsible for the pain is localized, patients own stem cell or PRP is injected into that tissue.  Once the repair and regeneration takes place, the pain improves.  The procedure may need to be repeated in a few weeks depending on how many areas are damaged, how bad is the damage, and how well our body can repair itself.  The procedure has been v3ry effective even for patients who have failed all other treatments.  It is completely natural and has no side effects other than those associated with any injection such as bleeding, bruising or infection.

Houston Headache Institute

At the Houston Headache Institute, our doctors use cutting-edge techniques including regenerative stem cell treatments to provide our patients with the most effective relief possible. Regenerative stem cell therapies offer the patient the opportunity to use their own cells and tissues to elicit a healing response without relying on medications or surgical procedures.