Temporary Headache Relief

Everyone has suffered a headache before. For most people, they aren’t a serious problem, though they can certainly ruin your day. Most people don’t get them very often, either.

However, if you suffer from regular headaches or migraine headaches, you might be wondering how you can deal with the pain when it strikes. There are some things you can do. Whether you suffer from migraines or just regular headaches, this guide can help.


Relax Yourself

When you feel a migraine or standard headache coming on, chances are you put even more stress on yourself. You don’t want to feel the pain, but simply by noting that you are developing pain, you can make yourself feel worse.

Instead of focusing on the pain, take steps to relax yourself to see if you can get some relief. There are actually several common techniques for relaxation when it comes to migraines and standard headaches.

Start by simply finding a calm, comfortable place to sit or lie down. Whether you do this in your office with your door closed or in a quiet bedroom away from the family, a little bit of silence can work wonders on headaches. Don’t focus on the pain – just close your eyes and try to relax.

Deep breathing exercises are also very helpful to bring on some relaxation for many people. To perform deep breathing exercises, all you really need to do is practice taking deep breaths in a quiet space inhaling slowly. Do this for five minutes and you might find yourself relieved of the pain you were feeling.


Try Herbal Remedies

Many people scoff at herbs as medical remedies, but there are some herbal options for headaches and migraines that many people swear by. You may need to try more than one to see what works best for you.

Your first option for herbal remedies is to use feverfew. This bitter herb has long been used to reduce pain from headache and migraines. To use it, you can take capsules that are available in most supplement and health food stores, or by mixing the fresh herb into food.

Ginger, commonly used to reduce inflammation and pain, can also be helpful. Fresh ginger can be chewed, but making a tea of it is often a more palatable option. You may also wish to add fresh ginger to your food.

If you buy ginger tea that’s already prepared in bags, make sure it doesn’t contain caffeine. Caffeine can make headaches and migraines worse for some people.


Use Pain Relievers Sparingly

Over-the-counter pain relievers aren’t a cure for migraines or headaches, but when you’re in agony, they can be beneficial.

Still, you need to use these medications sparingly and only rely on them when you truly need relief from pain and nothing else will work.


New Jersey Headache Institute

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