The Benefits of Getting a PRP Treatment for Headaches

By Annette GallagherMarch 13, 2017No Comments

Thinking about PRP treatment for your headaches? The PRP procedure is becoming popular for a wide range of issues, especially headaches. PRP therapy is convenient, effective and long-lasting. Unfortunately, many people haven’t heard of it just yet.


What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and How Does it Work?

During a PRP – also known as platelet-rich plasma – treatment the patient’s blood is drawn, and then spun using a centrifuge. This process allows us to obtain a plasma concentration of platelets, which contain special proteins called growth factors that are a very important part of the body’s healing cascade.

However, they are usually found in relatively low concentrations. PRP allows the patient to benefit from a targeted dose of platelets in a high concentration. Injected into the right location, PRP can help resolve the underlying cause of headaches.


The Benefits of PRP Therapy for Headaches

A wide range of problems can cause headaches and migraines. Sometimes, headache pain appears entirely on its own. In most cases, however, an underlying medical condition contributes to it.

Because headaches are so painful, patients may not realize they are only a secondary symptom of something else. PRP can help in many cases where the body has been unable to heal the deeper issue.


Patients using PRP report these benefits

  • Reduction in the number of distinct headache episodes
  • Reduction of headache severity when pain does occur
  • Significant shortening of individual headache episodes
  • In some cases, complete elimination of the headaches

Whether PRP results in complete recovery from headaches depends upon their medical cause. For example, many people who suffer from chronic headache pain are actually experiencing inflammation in the head or neck caused by undiagnosed tissue damage. PRP can serve as the catalyst for healing tissue damage that has not responded to the unaided healing process.

As an interesting bonus, PRP also has a number of other applications. It is used in the treatment of many sports injuries, such as ligament tears and tendonitis. It is also used to soothe nerve pain and repetitive stress injuries. It has even been studied in cosmetic rejuvenating treatments.


See the Headache Experts at Houston Headache Institute for Personalized Help

PRP is a powerful standalone treatment and an effective adjunct to many other headache control approaches. Diagnosis of headaches’ source is essential to choosing the right approach for you. To learn more or get started with PRP, contact the headache specialists at Houston Headache Institute.

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