Pillow Posture and Headache Pain

By Annette GallagherNovember 4, 2016July 6th, 2021No Comments

Waking up with headache pain has become a common, everyday ailment for many people. In some instances, the pain isn’t even related to a health issue. Instead, it can be attributed to the pillows these patients sleep on every night.

Does Pillow Density Matter?

The purpose of a pillow is to keep the head in line with the neck and spine while a person is sleeping. That’s why the density of a person’s pillow is extremely important.

Soft pillows may not provide enough support for the head and neck, while a hard pillow is often too firm and can cause other types of discomfort due to misaligning the head with the neck and spine.

Can Pillows Cause Headache Pain?

Pillows can contribute to
headache pain, especially if the firmness of the pillow fails to properly keep the head aligned with the neck and spine. It is recommended to change a standard pillow every few months, or whenever they begin to lose the firmness they had when originally purchased.

Is How You Sleep Important?

Sleeping on your back with a pillow that is too firm can cause your head to be at an awkward angle. The same is true if you sleep on your stomach or your side. Each position requires an appropriate angle of support for the head and neck.

The pillow you choose should sufficiently support your head, but also keep it in line with the neck and spine. Over time, pillows begin to wear out and lose the firmness they need to offer that vital support and, thus, should be replaced.

Preventing Morning Headaches

It is crucial to find the right pillow and sleep angle that gives your head and neck the support and proper alignment they need. This will prevent the head from sinking too deeply into the pillow and stretching the muscles of the neck and shoulder. Sleeping with the head too far upright can pull the muscles at the back of the neck and cause an unwelcome experience in the morning.

The right pillow will do wonders for your sleep quality and may actually help to prevent chronic headache pain.

New Jersey Headache Institute

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