Neuromuscular Headache Therapy

By Annette GallagherDecember 26, 2014No Comments

Say Hello to Massages and Goodbye to Headaches

If you suffer from regular chronic headaches, you need an alternative to painkillers. After all, drugs should only be a short term solution to this condition. A little massage can relieve your ailment and the best thing is that you can do this practically anywhere before or during a headache. At the Miami Headache Institute, we offer professional massage services, but we also give advice on how you can treat yourself with localized massage.

Here are some ways you can relieve headaches or even stop one from occurring in the first place:

  • press your thumbs against the bridge of your nose and apply firm and constant pressure. You should be applying pressure towards the top of your head. Hold this position for 7-10 seconds and repeat. you should start to feel the pain gradually subside.
  • press your thumbs just underneath your forhead and below your eyebrows. take deeep breaths while you apply this pressure.
  • use both hands to pull or pinch your skin just below the eyebrows. apply this pressure for 5-7 seconds and repeat.
  • if you suffer from sinus headaches, you can press your fingers against the side of your nose. push and release against your nose and you should start to alleviate the pressure that has built up. applying pressure at your temples is also a great way to relieve pain.
  • What Triggers Your Migraines and Headaches?

    Knowing what triggers your headaches and migraine can help you to apply self-help techniques such as massage. You may already know the common triggers that affect you. The interesting fact is that 85% of headache patients say they can pinpoint the exact reason for their headache.

    At the Miami Headache Institute, we are so confident in the power and effectiveness of massage that we have appointed our own, dedicated massage therapist to apply a variety of headache busting massage treatments.

    We are the leading experts when it comes to headache diagnosis and we offer a wide range of treatments that are designed to suit your individual needs, lifestyle and symptoms. So many of our patients are now enjoying a life without debilitating headaches and we would be happy to help you achieve the same.