How are Myofascial Pain and Migraines Related?

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Do you have ongoing back, neckor shoulder pain in addition toheadaches?

Sometimes, chronic myofascial pain can be a major contributor to headache pain. You might not have heard your muscle pain referred to this way before, butmillions of Americans suffer regular myofascial discomfort!

Myofascial trigger points are sensitive, irritable areas in the fascia surroundingyour skeletal muscles. Specialists can detect the existence of these trigger points by searching for noticeable nodules in your muscle fibers. They contribute to muscle tightness and, often, headache pain.

How Can You Treat Myofascial Pain?

Unspecified lower back pain is believed by many experts to be the single most common health complaint in the United States today. Because it is so common, the true root cause often goes unnoticed. It may take a headache and migraine specialist to connect the dots for many patients.

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer in silence with myofascial pain. These so-called trigger points aren’t permanent features of your body. Though they can be difficult to release, there are many proven and effective methods for doing so.

Effective Methods to Help Myofascial Pain:

Stretching and Yoga

If you make stretching a regular habit, you can often achieve relief from common trigger points. You should incorporate a variety of gentle stretches that not only target the painful area, but the muscles around it. In time, trigger points may loosen and disappear without further treatment.

Massage Therapy

Many forms of massage therapy are focused on producing relief from myofascial pain. Often, the most effective approach is a deep-tissue or “sports” massage.They are called this because they are used to help athletes recover after injury by enhancing blood flow in a damaged area.

Botox Injections for Headaches

Have you heard of Botox for migraine headaches? Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the U.S., but it has recently been approved for use by people suffering from chronic headaches. It paralyzes some of the facial muscles that can contribute to common stress headaches.

The New Jersey Headache Institute Can Help You Experience Lasting Pain Relief

If myofascial pain is the main cause of your headache, treating itdirectly may resolve the issue. In many cases, however, the origin of headaches is complex. Eliminating pain for good is only achieved through the right diagnosis and customized treatment.

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