How to Stop Your Migraines From Ruining Relationships

By Annette GallagherJanuary 25, 2017September 30th, 2021No Comments

Migraine headaches are very common – millions of people suffer from them on a regular basis. They strike men and women of any age or background. Sowhat happens when people who suffer from migraines date, get engagedor marry? Naturally, there are ways to support a relationship while reducing the stress and stimulus that might lead to migraine attacks.

If you or a partner regularly experiences migraines, try these techniques:

Be Truthful and Upfront About the Situation

Migraines aren’t pleasant, but they are another aspect of life that a partner will have to share. Sooner or later, the facts are going to come out, so make them something to be open and honest about. If you get migraine attacks, share information about what works to keep your symptoms under control. If your partner is the sufferer, ask what works for him or her and how you can best support them.

Plan Dates That Reduce Migraine Triggers

Being aware of migraine triggers and planning around them will help you and your significant other enjoy each other’s company more often. Some people are easily bothered by the bright light of the screen in a darkened movie theater. Others might find the loud noise of a concert almost unbearable. Whatever the case, be considerate and willing to change plans if the date environment isn’t quite right.

Establish Boundaries and Share Responsibilities

A migraine can interfere with important parts of a relationship, such as serious conversations, physical intimacy and more. At the same time, the non-sufferer might feel a need to work very hard to make things easier. Set expectations that respect both of your needs, don’t put too much pressure on each other, and understand that nobody is perfect. This will help you avoid migraines caused by stress or anxiety.

Seek Professional Treatment

In many cases, migraines are caused by an underlying medical condition you may not even realize you have. Once this is diagnosed accurately, migraine pain can often be controlled or even stopped forever. If you or your loved one is suffering from migraines and you haven’t visited a professional, taking this step could dramatically improve your life and relationship.

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