Is Botox for Headaches Covered by Insurance?

By Annette GallagherMay 8, 2017No Comments

Botox has long been the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. In recent years, doctors have found an exciting new use for it: Botox injections for migraines. Botox treatment can significantly reduce migraine symptoms for several months.

Some sufferers even find that, while the treatment is effective, they do not experience migraines.

How is this possible? When used for cosmetic purposes, Botox works by paralyzing some of the facial muscles that contribute to the development of wrinkles. This effect is potent enough that it has even been shown to reduce feelings of depression in some people.

When used for headache treatment, the same principles apply. Botox freezes certain muscles in the face and head that can cause tension headaches or serve as migraine triggers.

Although this use of Botox is relatively new, it has already been shown to help many patients who have not had lasting success with any other type of migraine treatment.

Will Insurance Pay for Botox for Migraines?

Does insurance cover Botox for migraines? In many cases, the answer is yes.

In order to be covered by conventional health insurance, a treatment must be approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration. This is an in-depth, long-term process that can take many years. Botox was approved as a migraine treatment in 2010.

There is, however, another aspect – for a treatment to be covered, it must be shown to be medically necessary for the patient. In cases of chronic migraine, the prospective Botox patient must have a formal medical diagnosis of migraines.

In some cases, it may also be necessary to have tried other treatments before insurance will approve Botox. When you work with experienced headache specialists who understand your situation, however, the approval process can often be accelerated.

Botox for Migraines Covered by Insurance at Houston Headache Institute

While few insurance policies will cover Botox 100 percent, it is often possible to reduce costs by 80 percent once you have an established medical need. Your migraine diagnosis will demonstrate that you are not pursuing Botox for cosmetic reasons and that it is indeed “necessary.”

At Houston Headache Institute, our team members understand the challenges involved in getting your treatment approved by insurance. We will fight on your behalf and do everything necessary to support you. All you need to focus on is recovering from your condition.

To find out more, simply contact our team today.