Wondering what the truth is about humidity and headaches? A humidity headache is something many chronic headache sufferers have long suspected. As it turns out, this condition – also called barometric pressure headaches – is very real.

Not surprisingly, it’s very common during summers.

Can Humidity Cause Headaches? The Facts You Need To Know

Although everyone has their own unique triggers for headaches and migraines, there are certain factors that are more prevalent than others. For example, stress, poor sleep, high blood pressure and many other well-known health concerns contribute to frequent headaches.

But there is one other thing you might not think about: the weather.

Yes, it’s impossible to escape the region’s rainy weather, but it is one of the biggest headache factors.

The secret of humidity is barometric pressure, a measurement of the air and water pressure in the atmosphere at any given time. Air pressure is the force exerted by the weight of air over your head, while water pressure refers to the weight of water.

Most migraine sufferers don’t have any problem operating at a consistent high or consistent low pressure. When pressure levels change suddenly, however, an attack becomes much more likely.

There Are Two Weather Conditions To Look Out For:

  • Falling barometric pressure signals that storms are coming. The more serious the storm, the more significant and rapid the change will be. A complete change in pressure levels may take only a few minutes, and headache sufferers are often the first to notice it.
  • Rising barometric pressure is typically associated with better weather. As barometric pressure rises,
    it signals that humidity levels are likely to increase. The stifling feeling of high humidity can cause migraines on its own.

What can you do to ward off your humidity headaches? When adverse conditions appear, try to stay indoors as much as possible. If you must be exposed, take any preventive medication you normally take as soon as you notice pressure-related symptoms. Staying hydrated also helps.

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