How to Prevent Migraines with Lifestyle Changes

By Annette GallagherMarch 8, 2020September 30th, 2021No Comments

Doctors agree: Making changes to your lifestyle can reduce the prevalence of migraines. This is especially true if you are suffering headaches in Houston, where many migraine triggers are encountered on a daily basis.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes: How to Prevent Headaches

Focus on Natural Sugar and Dietary Fiber

Low blood sugar can cause migraines no matter what your age, background or state of health. To keep blood sugar levels stable, avoid processed sugar – it can cause a spike and crash in blood sugar levels. Also, look out for common Houston food additives like MSG.

Mitigate Stress

Many people suffer migraines in stressful situations. Take a look at your life and see what stress factors you could change. Do you have a long commute in Houston traffic? Is there a project around the house that’s weighing on your mind? Try to resolve issues if you can.

Improve Your Sleeping Patterns

Houston doctors agree that regular, restful sleep is a great way to protect yourself against migraines. If you notice that you sleep poorly during the week or “sleep in” on weekends, try improving the quality of your sleep. Eliminate sources of noise and light, especially if you’re near a major Houston highway.

Exercise and Lose Weight

People who are overweight are more likely to suffer high blood pressure, which can make headaches and migraines worse. Even if you’re at a healthy weight, it’s a good idea to exercise to improve blood circulation. Since Houston is very flat, a gym membership can help you get more vigorous exercise.

Get Familiar With Your Migraines

Although there are some things that commonly cause migraines, most sufferers have their own unique triggers. Try filling out a “migraine diary” for at least a few weeks so you get a better understanding of what brings on migraines for you.

Do You Want to Achieve Lasting Relief? See the Headache Specialists Houston Trusts

Ultimately, the best way to completely eliminate migraines is to find and treat the root cause of the problem. There may be many reasons why migraines appear, and so, it’s not possible to fully control the issue with lifestyle changes alone.

At the Houston Headache Institute, we use the latest diagnostic technology to find the real cause of migraines, whether in the head, spine or elsewhere in the body. Then we perform the customized treatment to alleviate pain and reduce migraine episodes.

For headache and migraine specialists you can rely on in Houston, Texas, visit us today.