What Are Different Headache Types

By Annette GallagherFebruary 23, 2015August 10th, 2021No Comments


Did you know that there are at least 5 different types of headaches? Do you know which type you suffer from? Perhaps you have never even thought about that, and have just assumed that a headache is a headache. But by understanding your headache type, you may uncover some clues into why you are suffering and find the right treatment to suit your needs.

Let’s take a look at those 5 headache types and how they differ from each other. At Miami Headache Institute we have spent years understanding headaches and migraine so that we can treat your pain effectively.


Most people suffer from headaches at some point in their life and the most common type is the tension headache. These headaches, unless a chronic tension headache, do not generally last that long, and are usually caused by muscle tension or stress. Avoiding stressful situations (often easier said than done) and maintaining the correct posture can help you to avoid this type of headache.


Cluster headaches are fairly rare, but nonetheless they are excruciatingly painful. What’s more, they can last for weeks and even months without the right treatment. Even worse, you may think that your cluster headache is gone, only to find it reappears a few days later.


Research has shown that these headaches may be less pronounced or non-existent in those who exercise regularly. However, headaches can present themselves if you exercise in direct sunlight or allow yourself to become dehydrated.


Did you know that your over-the-counter medicine could be causing your headache? When taken sparingly, these pills can be very effective, but when overuse occurs, it can be detrimental. Try not to take pills more than 3 times a week. When you stop taking them, your body may react by giving you a withdrawal headache.


Migraines are possibly the most painful of all headache types. They typically affect one side of the head and there are lots of different triggers including food, noise and stress. You may also experience nausea with this type of headache

No matter what your headache type or your symptoms, we can help. Our headache experts will work with you to diagnose your problem and give you the best treatment. Book your consultation with the National Headache Institute today. Call us or use our contact form to book a consultation.