7 Ways to Headache-Proof Your Miami Date Night

By Annette GallagherJanuary 25, 2017December 15th, 2021No Comments

A date night in Miami can get loud, bright and crazy, which can unfortunately lead to headaches caused by anxiety and stress. Knowing what causes your headaches and dealing with the stress associated with a date night will help you avoid headaches altogether so that you can have a fantastic date night.

Make Sure You are Well-Rested

Before you head out on the town with your date, be sure to get ample rest. Take a nap before you go so you have the energy you need to get you through the rest of the evening. Also avoid caffeine earlier on in the day so that you don’t start crashing during the date. By starting the night off feeling revitalized and full of energy, your stress and anxiety levels will be much lower.

Stay Hydrated

Ensuring that your body is well-hydrated will help your mind and body function at its best. Water dilutes harmful substances in your body–like alcohol–and prevents them from disrupting how the body functions. Various studies have also shown that staying properly hydrated can mitigate the pain and intensity associated withheadaches. So before you go on your date, drink a couple large glasses of water.

Eat Smaller Meals

If your date night involves eating at a restaurant, don’t overload yourself at mealtime. Eat smaller meals and avoid overindulging in heavy foods like pasta or desserts. Those heavy foods can make you feel uncomfortable and can cause bilious headaches. Smaller meals move through the digestive tract much faster and will provide sustained levels of energy.

Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

While it’s best to have a solid plan for your date night, you should always be prepared for changes. Be spontaneous, easy-going and don’t try to make things happen if you don’t have the time or the means. This attitude will help you avoid stress and anxiety, which will ultimately help you avoid headaches. Remember that dates are supposed to be fun!

Don’t Overdo the Alcohol

If you want to avoid getting a headache on your Miami date night, don’t go overboard when it comes to alcohol. Alcohol contains ethanol–a chemical that can cause headaches in a number of ways. Consuming excessive amounts of ethanol dehydrates your body, which can certainly bring about headaches. If you plan on drinking a good amount, drink a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage to mitigate its harmful effects.

Know Your Food Triggers

If you regularly experience migraines, it’s important to know what your food triggers are. Avoiding thosefoods can prevent an uncomfortable end to what would have otherwise been a wonderful evening. If you aren’t sure which foods trigger your migraines, eat foods that have as few additives and preservatives as possible. Additives like tyramine, aspartame, MSG and sulfites are proven to cause headaches and migraines.

Forego the Bright Lights

Miami is a huge city full of nightlife opportunities. Instead of looking for the bright lights and glamor, head out to the quieter nightspots. Avoiding the bright lights and loud noises doesn’t mean you won’t have fun; it just means you’ll avoid triggering a migraine while enjoying a more peaceful, romantic setting with your date.

If your date nights usually end with a headache that won’t quit, contact the Headache Institute in Miami. Our professional staff can help you uncover the causes of your migraines and treat them properly so that you can enjoy your date nights and many other life events.

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