Gluten Free: The Relationship Between Celiac Disease and Headaches

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Your diet provides the essential nutrients your body needs to function. Some components in food, however, can cause adverse reactions in the body that can lead to different types of headaches. While caffeine, or the lack of it, can be a major source of headache pain, gluten is another element that can trigger headaches.

People who are allergic to gluten can experience migraine-like headache pain that can last for several days.

Celiac Disease and Headache Pain

While the mechanism that links Celiac Disease and headache pain isn’t entirely known, what is understood is that 56 percent of those patients with the condition have recurrent headache pain.

Individuals who experience gluten sensitivities, inflammatory bowel disease and Celiac Disease are more prone to migraines than individuals who don’t have digestive disorders.

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that allows gluten to disrupt the digestive process as vital nutrients are not absorbed by the body from the foods a sufferer consumes.

The Limits of a Gluten-Free Diet

One of the main ways to control headache food triggers is to limit them within the diet. For people with gluten sensitivities, eliminating foods that contain the protein can be difficult to do. Foods that contain, wheat, rye and barley should be avoided. This means no more pizza, rolls, bread, or cakes unless they are made with specific types of flour.

It has been proven that, even though a gluten-free diet may not prevent headaches, it generally reduces the frequency of the headaches as well as minimizes the pain.

New Jersey Headache Institute

The professional medical staff at the New Jersey Headache Institute understands the connection between headache food triggers and Celiac Disease. Many of our patients suffer from illnesses like Celiac Disease that can trigger headaches.

A gluten-free diet may be just one way we can help our patients control their headache pain. The answers to many of your headache questions can be found at the New Jersey Headache Institute. Contact us today and let us help you reclaim your health with a better diet.