Have a Flu Headache That Won’t Go Away?

By Annette GallagherNovember 4, 2016September 30th, 2021No Comments

Many people worry about getting sick as the cold and flu season approaches each year. For those who suffer from chronic migraines or daily headache pain, catching a cold can be especially cruel.

Influenza and other seasonal maladies are often accompanied by symptoms that can aggravate a normal headache. Quite often, those infected experience a fever, sinus pressure, and congestion – all of which can feel worse with persisting headache pain.


Of all the common flu symptoms, a high fever is sometimes the hardest on the body. A fever is the one of the body’s first defense mechanisms against a cold, flu or other type of infection and headaches can be triggered by a change in a person’s body temperature. The dilation of the blood vessels in the brain can increase pressure inside the head, causing a headache.

Whether you choose to carefully monitor your fever or bring it down with medication, you still may have to deal with the headache that accompanies it.


Sinus pressure can be a painful symptom of any cold or virus. When combined with congestion, it can cause excruciating pain while putting pressure on the sinus cavities and other structures inside the skull. The use of decongestants may help relieve some of the congestion and reduce some of the pressure; but, in some cases, total relief won’t come until the virus has run its course. Once the congestion is gone and the pressure has eased, the healing process can begin.


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