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Diagnosis of Migraine Associated Vertigo

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What is a Vestibular Migraine?

Various forms of dizziness may or may not be accompanied by syncope, which is fainting and actual loss of consciousness. Syncope can also be brought on by other conditions, such as epilepsy. To determine if epilepsy is present, electroencephalography (EEG) should be performed. EEG involves the attachment of a couple of dozen electrodes to the scalp, forehead, and face. Conditions such as epilepsy are known to give unique wave-form “signatures” in their EEG readout patterns.

If the spells of dizziness and passing out are infrequent, it may be necessary for the patient to be admitted to the hospital for testing, or otherwise fitted for “ambulatory EEG” (AEEG). During acute attacks, patients may also exhibit central spontaneous or positional nystagmus, detectable by videonystagmography if not visually obvious to the clinician. Nystagmus is not, however, specific for MAV and can occur due to other nervous system diseases. Once epilepsy and other serious conditions have been ruled out, treatment of MAV can commence.

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