Anxiety and migraines are an uncomfortablecombination suffered by many New Jersey residents. When migraines and anxiety co-exist, one symptom can bring on the other in a vicious cycle that is tough for anyone to break. Migraines caused by stress and anxiety tend to last longer and be more uncomfortable.

Can anxiety cause headaches? The answer is yes! During anxiety, sufferers experience rapid physiological changes. Blood pressure spikes, blood vessels changeand breathing becomes restricted. Major muscles in the chest may lock up.

Luckily, there are self-care solutions you can put into place.

How to Relieve Anxiety Headaches

The best way to stop anxiety headaches is to prevent anxiety attacks. Of course, many people wrestle with anxiety. Using these techniques, you can attack anxiety at the source and reduce the length of headaches if they occur.

Use Deep Breathing

If you want to know how to avoid an anxiety attack, there is no better way than deep breathing! Deep breathing counteracts many of the physiological signs of anxiety. It maintains a lower level of blood pressure and keeps muscles from locking. All these effects are beneficial.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your defenses against anxiety. Even if there are some situations that frequently cause you to feel uncomfortable, you will always do better if you have gotten enough sleep.

Get More Exercise

Exercise helps regulate the release of stress hormones and reduce their concentration in your bloodstream. When you do feel anxious, these hormones will be less likely to spike and cause severe problems or panic attacks.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

If you are going into a situation that frequently makes you nervous, stop to prepare yourself mentally. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself acting in a way that’s consistent with feeling calm and centered – succeeding in the situation.

Stretch Your Body

When you are tense, your body reflects that. You can stop the cycle by standing up and stretching in comfortable ways. For example, stretch your arms over your head or off to the sides. Many experienced public speakers use this technique to combat anxiety.

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