Chronic Headaches & Improving Quality Of Life

By Annette GallagherMay 21, 2015February 7th, 2022No Comments

Are Chronic Headaches Impacting Your Quality of Life?

It can be hard to explain to friends and family how bad headaches can make you feel, and how much they affect your daily life. Whether they make you cancel your plans, give up activities or use up sick days at work, a headache can be a real, excuse the pun, pain!

You may not realize just how strongly your migraines and headaches are affecting your quality of life until you do an evaluation. Think back to events you may have missed or your last sick day, and it may all become clear. If you keep a headache diary, everything will fall into place just by glancing at dates and making the link between headaches and cancelled plans.

Hard to Say “Yes”?

When you never know when a headache may strike, and know how bad one will be if it does, it can be very hard to commit to upcoming plans and events. This may seem like an exaggeration, but to the chronic headache sufferer, this is a very real problem that they know very well.

The Depression Connection

Many studies have shown a link between headaches and depression. That isn’t to say that those with depression will suffer from headaches, or those suffering from headaches will be depressed. The link is usually down to anxiety caused by worrying about the onset of a headache, or suffering from many headaches. When your head is trapped in the vice-like grip of a headache, it is like no other pain on earth. The memory of that pain and how it stopped you from functioning properly can be all it takes to send you spiraling into worry, and ultimately a depressive state. You may also start to feel depressed because over-the-counter pain relief no longer works, or you feel like you are all alone.

Too Many Sick Days

Another major worry for headache sufferers is the time they often need to spend away from work. If your boss doesn’t understand how headaches can affect a person and their daily duties, it can be beneficial to obtain a letter from the doctor, or even better, a headache specialist who will highlight how debilitating a headache can be. You can also explain to your boss that your ultimate goal is to be free from headaches, and that you are getting expert treatment.

Keep a Headache Diary

It may be beneficial to keep a headache diary so that you can identify any specific triggers, or keep a track of the treatments that work well for you. You may be surprised at some of the patterns that can emerge after keeping a diary for a matter of a few weeks.

Don’t Give Up! Help is at Hand

The effects on daily life from headaches are many and can be quite distressing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you receive the right diagnosis for your headaches and suitable treatment, you will find that life takes on a whole new meaning of wellness and freedom.

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