Valentine’s Day is here, with all that it brings. Follow these tips to keep the romance alive and leave headaches behind.

For some people, excess sugar can trigger a headache. So be careful with those big hearts full of chocolate goodness. Speaking of chocolate, while dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that can be beneficial to migraine for some people, it is also higher in the caffeine that can trigger headaches. It’s best to avoid triggers like chocolate, sugar and caffeine if possible, but we’re only human! Enjoy the minimum amount of these treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Red wine and champagne might equal romance, but they can also bring on a brutal headache. The tannins in red wine can trigger migraine in some patients, but not all. Champagne hits the body faster and can lead to more rapid dehydration, a trigger for headache in many. If you’re susceptible to headaches of any kind, go easy on the alcohol at your Valentine’s Day celebration and be sure to have a glass of water for every drink containing alcohol.

The last thing anyone wants to be accused of is ruining Valentine’s Day, but make sure your loved one knows not to buy you flowers that are heavy with pollen or other allergens. If your headaches are related to allergies, the wrong bouquet will set you off. For people with allergies, carnations, daffodils, roses and orchids can be safer options – just avoid the baby’s breath most florists mix in.