The Potential Causes of Facial Pain and Headaches

By Annette GallagherFebruary 27, 2016September 30th, 2021No Comments

The professional team at the New Jersey Headache Institute sees a number of headache sufferers enter our offices every day. Many of these individuals are at the end of their rope, experiencing continual and seemingly unending excruciating facial pain and headaches. Often, these hurting people have tried a number of solutions and remedies, including talking to their general practitioner.

Providing Hope and Understanding

We take great pride at the Headache Institute in being able to help our patients find the relief they need and deserve. The founder of our three locations, Dr. PaymanSadeghi, MD, Neurologist, has invested his professional career in finding the causes of headaches and facial pain. He has taken the expertise gained from his extensive research and provides our neurologists and medical professionals with a deep understanding of how to conduct effective headache diagnoses. We then seek the proper headache treatments and remedies to alleviate our patients’ pain and prevent it from recurring.

If you are suffering from chronic migraine headaches and/or related facial pain, you will find our team to consist of highly experienced and trained headache specialists. Our approach is very personalized, and we will start your extensive workup with a focus on determining potential causes of your pain and headaches.

Our process ofadvanced diagnosisbegins with our extensive experience, backed up with the finest in state-of-the-art equipment and methods. These include:

  • Electroencephalography(EEG)
  • Ambulatory Electroencephalography (AEEG)
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Videonystagmography (VNG)

A Multitude of Culprits

A large number of our patients come to us after seeking help from a number of other sources. In fact, 90 percent of our patients had sought other treatments without any lasting relief. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned professionals are unaware of the multiple ways different factors may work together to create the intolerable pain of migraines and other headaches.

At the New Jersey Headache Institute, we understand these many issues and approach your problem in a holistic manner. While there are often complex factors behind migraines, many of our patients are surprised that common problems are at the root of their headaches and facial pain.

These often include:

  • Working in front of computer screens hours on end, day after day
  • Using inadequate or ineffective eyewear
  • Failure to take proper proactive steps to prevent the problems

From Simple, Practical Solutions to the Most Advanced Treatments

We want each of our patients to find lasting relief from their migraine headaches and facial pain in the simplest and most effective manner possible. If you are one who feels there is no hope, you can turn to our committed team for help. At the same time, you might find some immediate relief from just a few simple lifestyle changes.

We have compiled a number of tips and recommendations we share with individuals to help them make the changes that might alleviate their headaches. A few of these include:

  • Watch your diet. Research proves skipping breakfast and eating too much fast food are factors in causing migraines and other health issues.
  • Avoid “Bad Air.” Many modern buildings suffer from being too energy efficient. Check to ensure you aren’t working in an environment with “sick building syndrome.” Step outside occasionally to take some fresh air.
  • Take regular breaks and exercises. Don’t stare at your computer for more than 15 minutes at a time. Stop and rest your eyes, anduse simple exercises.

We have many other recommendations and approaches to help you overcome your problem with headaches and facial pain. Pleasecall us todayfor a convenient appointment.