If you suffer chronic headaches or migraines, you already know many factors that can cause the condition to crop up – seemingly out of nowhere.

But did you know that how you choose to wear your hair can also be a trigger?

Everyone loves to find the perfect hairstyle. Sometimes, though, that style could be one of the reasons you’re encountering more frequent or severe headaches.

Relationship Between Your Hair and Your Migraines

Generally, anything that causes pressure on your scalp makes headaches more likely. A simple ponytail, tied too tightly, is a common headache trigger for women of all ages. Tight topknots can also contribute. Some people with very long, thick hair might experience headache pain due to its simple weight, especially after showering or swimming.

The key is to distribute the weight of your hair and minimize pulling on any one part of your scalp. When all is said and done, a loose hairstyle is the least likely to trigger a headache.

But what fun is that? If you have a special occasion or you just feel like trying out a new look, you don’t want to be limited. Let’s look at some styles that could work for you:

Loose Wrap-Up Bun

A foam-covered bun maker is a perfect tool for a bun that looks red carpet chic but won’t hurt your head. Form a loose ponytail, pull it through the wrap-up and move the foam part down to the end, rolling it back upward with your hair around it. It’s easy and fun!

Low-Base Ponytail

High back ponytails are the bane of a lady’s existence where headaches are concerned, but you can still enjoy a perfect ponytail with a new twist. Pull the hair back gently for a low-base pony at the nape of the neck, tying a color-coordinated ribbon around your elastic to finish it off.

Loose Braids

Rather than being held up at just one point, a loosely braided style helps distribute the weight of your hair and pulling. Avoid tight headbands or barrettes, using a simple ribbon for a flash of color. Be careful not to pull any section of the hair too tightly as that will increase pressure and potential pain. Loose buns and braids can be combined for sophisticated styles that still won’t serve as headache triggers.

For True Headache Relief

Little changes to your habits and style can help you avoid headaches sometimes – but wouldn’t you rather say goodbye for good? You need doctors who specialize in headaches.  Learn more about our patented process and other treatment options to help you live pain-free!  Contact us to learn more.