Caffeine and Headaches


Could You Be A Caffeine Addict Without Realizing It?

Caffeine Overdose and Caffeine Withdrawal

It can be hard to tell why headaches occur, but if you suspect caffeine is to blame, an easy way to keep track is by keeping a headache diary. By making a note of your caffeine intake, timings and the onset of symptoms, you can start to take action and stop a caffeine headache in its tracks.

Unfortunately, if you want your caffeine headaches to subside, you will need to cut down or stop your caffeine intake. This can be easily done by drinking caffeine-free versions of your favorite beverages. You can even find non-prescription drugs that are caffeine-free if you shop around.

At the New Jersey Headache Institute, we work with many patients who are experiencing headaches as a result of their lifestyle or the foods and drinks they consume. Our headache experts can work closely with you to determine what is causing your headaches and what the best course of treatment might be.

Don’t suffer from caffeine headaches or migraine if you don’t have to. Speak to our experts today to find out more about common triggers for headaches and how you can stop them once and for all. Call our specialist migraine management team today at 908.315.5707 or use our contact form to book a consultation.

Speak to us today to find out more about our headache treatments and how we can ease the discomfort and frustration of recurring headaches. Get your headache diagnosis today. Call us at 908.315.5707 or use our contact form to book a consultation.

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