Botox: A Surprising and Effective Migraine Treatment

By Annette GallagherJuly 10, 2013No Comments

Nobody can truly understand the debilitating effects of a migraine until theyexperience one for themselves. Where a bad headache can cause quitehigh levels of discomfort, painkillers are usually effective at easing this typeof pain away to nothing. A migraine on the other hand can cause severe andimmobilising pain, nausea, muscle spasms and can also affect the vision and sense ofbalance. In the worst cases, migraine sufferers may not be able toattend work or may need support from friends and family during the most chronicattacks.

At last, there seems to be good news on the horizon for migraine and chronic migraine sufferers in the form of a new treatment, and it comes from a surprisingand unlikely source. Botulinum Toxin A, otherwise known as Botox, is gainingpopularity as a revolutionary migraine treatment and the success rates experienced are very promising indeed. If your migraines are having a negativeimpact on your working and personal life, Botox could be the treatment that givesyou long lasting relief.

How Does Botox Work As A Migraine Treatment?

If you are familiar with the way Botox works as an anti-aging treatment, you willknow that the drug prevents neural signals being sent to certain facial muscles. This causes the muscles at the injection site to relax and in turn to create a moreyouthful and smooth complexion.

When it comes to the treatment of migraine, tests are still ongoing. It isbelieved, however, that Botox inhibits the release of peripheral nociceptiveneurotransmitters which may have an effect on the central nervous systems thatgenerate a migraine in the first place. More good news is that Botox for migrainetreatment was approved by the FDA in 2010 and that means there are nowlicensed practitioners operating across the country who can administer this formof treatment to migraine sufferers.

The benefits of using Botox for migraine relief include:

  • Effective targeted treatment
  • Effects can last up to 4 months
  • Completely safe when administered by an experienced and accreditedpractitioner
  • Can be used to treat tension headaches, chronic migraine and also neckand back pain

At New Jersey Headache Institute, we will not administer Botox or any othertreatment until we have determined the nature and cause of your headachesor migraine. Our commitment to our patients ensures we prescribe the bestand most effective course of treatment and that the effects of any treatmentare monitored closely. All
botox treatments will be administered using FDAapproved Botox under safe and sterile conditions.

Put Migraines Firmly In Your Past—Botox Treatments Are Here

If you have been suffering from chronic migraine for a number of years and havetried most prescribed and over the counter drugs, Botox could be the solutionthat brings you the relief you are looking for. You don’t have to suffer or to putyour life on hold any longer.

Call our specialist team today at 908.315.5707 or use our contact form tobook a consultation and to say goodbye to debilitating migraines for good.

Dr. Payman Sadeghi is the co-founder of the New Jersey Headache Institute. He studied medicine at Nordestana University and finished his Internal Medicine internship and Neurology residency at the University of Texas. Dr. Sadeghi has completed an electromyography super fellowship as well as many epilepsy and neuroimaging fellowships. At his residency in Neurology at the University of Texas Medical Branch Dr. Sadeghi gained extensive experience diagnosing and treating headache and migraine patients. That residency, along with Dr. Sadeghi’s medical curiosity and his varied clinical experience, has made him a specialist in headaches and their treatment.

Dr. Sadeghi was also a clinical assistant professor during his time at the University of Texas. He is a member of the American Headache Society, the National Headache Foundation and the American Academy of Neurology. Dr. Sadeghi is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Persian.